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Core Math Homework Topics


It’s a branch of math that deals with symbols and the rules for utilizing those symbols. 

Branches of Algebra:



It’s a branch of math that deals with the study of numbers using basic & advanced operations.

Arithmetic Basic Operations:

  • Natural Numbers
  • Even & Odd Numbers
  • Laws of exponents
  • Multiplication and division
  • Decimals
  • Comparing Fractions
  • Percentages
  • Ratios and Proportion
  • Like and Unlike Fractions
  • Surds
  • Sum of n terms
  • Integers
  • Geometric Sequence
  • Fundamental Theorem
  • Fraction to decimal
  • Variable
  • Number Line
  • Whole Number
  • Even and odd numbers
  • Word problems on Decimals
  • Integers on a number line
  • Absolute Values
  • Complex Numbers
  • Radicals
  • Fraction
  • Number Patterns
  • Basic Operations


Arithmetic Advanced Operations:

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  • Computation of percentages
  • Logarithmic functions
  • Exponentiation 
  • Square roots



 It’s a branch of math that involves the study of rates of change.



It’s a branch of math that defines relation from a set of inputs to a set of possible outputs.  



 It’s a branch of math that studies the sizes, shapes, positions, angles and dimensions of things. Popular topics under Geometry are:

  • Lines
  • Area and Distance
  • Angles
  • Shapes
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Area and Perimeter
  • volume and Surface Area
  • Pythagorean Theorem
  • Transformations
  • Congruence
  • Similarity
  • 3D Shapes



Measurement relates to measuring the size of something. Here are a few key topics and concepts related to measurement:

  • Length
  • Time
  • Temperature
  • Mass
  • Luminous Intensity
  • Electric Current


Number System 

Number system is related to the writing system to express numbers using digits. Some key topics under number system are:

  • Number Line
  • Integers
  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Natural & Whole Numbers
  • Rational & Irrational numbers
  • HCF
  • LCM
  • Cubes and Squares of Numbers



It’s a branch of math that deals with collection, analysis, insights and presentations of large quantities of data. 


Surface area

Surface area is about the total area of the faces of a 3 – dimensional object. Examples of 3-d objects listed below:

  • Surface area of a Cuboid 
  • Surface area of a Cube 
  • Surface area of a Cylinder
  • Surface area of a Right Circular Cone 
  • Surface area of a Sphere 



Trigonometry means measures of three sides and their relationship with angles. It is mostly used in right angled triangles.

  • Trigonometric Ratios (Sin, Cos, Tan)
  • Six Trigonometric Functions
  • Trigonometric Angles
  • Trigonometry Table
  • Unit Circle
  • Trigonometry Formulas
  • Trigonometric identities
  • Graphs of sin(x), cos(x), and tan(x)
  • Differentiating Trigonometric Functions



Volume is the amount of space taken up by an object.  Volume is measured in cubic units.


Other Core Math Homework Topics


Why Math help for high school students?

Because in high school, math homework gets difficult and good grades become essential for college admissions.  Common math help topics where students typically need a math helper starts from  Algebra 1, for high school students our math homework solvers can provide guidance with Coordinate geometry – including the concepts of graphing, intercepts and curves, line (parallel, perpendicular), distance formula etc. High School Geometry includes both plane geometry – (circles, lines, triangles, hexagons, pentagons) & solid geometry – (spheres, cones, cylinders, prisms, cubes, pyramids etc). We can help you advance to Algebra II which includes solving equations, simplifying expressions, inequalities, basic stats topics including graphic data, representing data, questions on variance, standard deviation. Functions & graphs – Linear, polynomial, quadratic functions etc. 

Once algebra is mastered we can take you on the Precalculus journey where you can get math help for solving Functions & graph, Limits and sequences & series. Also another popular high school math topic is Trigonometry. Our Math helper can share different ways of solving Trigonometric Equations, simplifying trigonometric functions and work with trigonometric Identities & operations. Last but not least Calculus I & II our math helper know how to simplify complex topics like derivatives, integrals, limits, polars, vectors.


Find a math tutor for your grade level & math specialization

We know that how an elementary student learns to add is very different from how a middle school student figures out how to find the area of a rectangle. And that again is very different from how a high school student would go about working on complex trigonometric functions and calculus problems.


What is common in each of these stages is the stimulation of the analytical mind and a will to solve problems. What is different is that as you go towards higher grade levels, the students have a lot of complexities to work through. So, the teacher needs to be aware of not just the subject, but also the approach and shortcomings of each student.


And when it comes to different math specializations like arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, etc. we try to employ tutors based on their study area, experience, and interests. So, you get the best of both - grade-level specialization, and subject area specialization.


And to make it fun, your tutor would likely indulge you in a visual depiction of math problems, application of math problems to areas in science and daily life, and even show you multiple ways of arriving at answers.


High school math help to get you best grades for college admission

As per the Washington Post, conducted in 2020 concluded that an average high schooler spends almost close to 3 hours doing homework on any weekday. This means there is very little time left for high school students after school hours to focus on other activities such as preparing for SAT exams or engaging in other extracurricular activities including social causes that may help later with the college admissions process.

Also, each student learns differently and hence it is very common for students to find the high school math homework assignments challenging and most students start to disengage as soon as they find out that they can’t handle the assignment independently as it feels too hard.

Since grades and GAPs play a huge role in getting students to their dream universities after high school, therefore we at TutorEye highly recommend that students invest in a study plan that can help them not just complete their homework on time but also excel in overall understanding of the subject.

Our math helper works with high school students to review homework material and showcase the solutions through several techniques. Because simply learning more processes allows the brain to handle the same information in multiple ways and hence better retention. 

Math homework solvers at TutorEye can support students of all levels regardless of the topics they are struggling with. Everything from basic high school math concepts or advanced calculus related questions, we will partner with you & help you.  

Our goal is not to give you just the correct answers, that is the easiest part. Our focus is towards providing full explanations of how each question can be solved. As understanding the full solution significantly helps our brain build the understanding of conceptual approach towards solving a specific question.


Solving math assignments won’t be scary anymore. Middle school math help is available 24/7.

It is normal for students to require help while solving math questions. This is the reason why they dread assignments so much. 

Some might end up dealing with anxiety and subject fear whereas others might try to find free math help from Google. But as parents we know you want to find math help websites for your child to make them comfortable with the subject, since it is important and cannot be skipped. 

Middle school is where your child needs the right support, something that gives them the confidence to sail through the growing years successfully. 

We understand that in middle school math starts to get a bit more complex. Solving a variety of problems will help the students get better at it and increase their efficiency. 

If they find a particular topic hard to understand, math help from experts can go a long way in retaining their confidence and prevent them from feeling nervous and scared of the subject. 

When they will have someone to answer all of their questions and difficulties, they will develop an interest in the subject and will definitely start to perform better academically. 

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How can math help websites like TutorEye make solving assignments hassle-free for Middle School Students?

For all the trickiest of math problems, you can always count on TutorEye. Challenging middle school math assignments making your kids anxious? Get instant help from expert problem solvers at TutorEye.

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Help with math is easy in middle school through math help websites like TutorEye.

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Get Answers to All Your Math Homework Questions: 

From Algebra, Calculus, Stats or Trigonometry, we’ve got you covered. We have a math expert for online homework help, studying and test prep on all topics and branches.We offer math homework help which trains students first to understand the mathematical problems and then find the most efficient way to solve it. 

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Most college level students prefer to choose our online homework help service to grasp each topic. It builds confidence and makes learning easy as we use step-by-step, easy to learn methods. With our homework help in math, students not only get timely responses to their questions but boost their confidence and grades in class.

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What is the process to get Math Homework help from TutorEye?

Math homework help is so easy with TutorEye. You can always count on us to give you the best price while including flexibility and affordability. Try our homework help today.

  • Sign up - First, you must sign up on our online tutoring platform. This will not take much time.
  • Post homework request-  Here you will find a list of tutors that can help.
  • Review offers & hire a tutor of your choice -  Once you find a tutor, you may click to chat. This way the tutor understands your requirements and draws a solution plan based on your timeline.
  • Pay after reviewing the assignment- We will only ask you to pay when both parties have reached an agreement
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Frequently Asked Questions about Math Homework Help

Where can I get my math questions answered online?

The first step to solve any Math question is to figure out where you are getting stuck and where you need help. If you are still confused, you can get live math help from a subject expert and get step-by-step explanations for questions at TutorEye. Your journey becomes easy when you have a trusted advisor by your side. You can also solve questions on a digital whiteboard along with a tutor who will guide you every step of the way. In case you need Written Help, you can always seek assistance from a certified tutor with us.


What is the math website that solves problems?

TutorEye is a hub of reputed mathematicians and you can seek assistance 24/7! If you are looking to seek help with your Math homework or seemingly difficult problem, we can help you. We are the trusted go-to website of thousands of students. Whether it is Live Study or Written Help, our services are designed to help you solve your problems and get better grades in the class.


How can we solve math easily?

Mathematics requires concentration and practice on the part of students. You must practice regularly and then only you will be able to solve Math problems easily. What’s important is to have a command over concepts and brush up fundamentals time and again. You can also sign up with TutorEye for regular tutoring and get help with Math anytime, anywhere. 


How do I find a math helper?

You can go to the web to look for a Math homework solver or you can simply sign up with us and we will match you to a subject specialist in no time. TutorEye is a hub of the best mathematicians and at any time you need homework help with Math, we have a certified professional to assist you through the day or night. So no need to look elsewhere, you can begin your upgrade journey with a qualified expert today.


What kind of math do you learn in middle school?

In middle school math, students get to learn geometry, probability, algebra, and statistics. Concept clarity in these topics prepares them for more complex mathematical problems ahead. 


How do middle school math help students prepare for high school?

Having a better understanding of middle school math helps the students perform well in high school. It gives them an insight into what topics they will be encountering in the future academically. 


How to help a school student with middle school math?

To score well in middle school math, a student needs consistent practice and the right kind of support from tutors. It takes patience to help students master a concept. Therefore no more relying on free math help websites. Your child needs to get expert help from trusted experts from math help websites such as TutorEye.


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