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Branches of Algebra:


In the United States, Pre-algebra is typically taught in middle school math classes to 7th and 8th graders. The goal of pre-algebra, as the name suggests, is to prepare middle school students for the study of algebra 1 and algebra 2. Core topics covered under pre-algebra syllabus include but are not limited to factorization of natural numbers, variables and exponents, integers, introduction to algebraic  expression, generating numerical and algebraic expression,relationship in two variables, ratios and proportion and symmetry.

Algebra I: 

Students typically in grade 9 are introduced to the concepts of Algebra 1 where they learn concepts such as expressions, functions, polynomials, factoring polynomial using different methods, finding solutions of equations and quadratic functions. But students who master the basic pre-algebra concepts in Math 7 honors class in their 7 grades can also opt for Algebra 1 in 8th grade. 

Algebra II:

Considered the toughest out of all the algebra courses, Algebra 2 is taken by students in 10th or 11th grade. Once again, this rule may vary by each school district. Algebra 2 leverages and associates math concepts taught in previous classes along with introducing some new concepts to the high school students. The new course material introduced in Algebra 2 classes includes quadratic equations, solving linear inequalities, matrices and determinants, probability and concepts of trigonometry.

Algebra Homework Help That You Deserve

Algebra is the subject that is taught over multiple grades starting as early as 7th grade and hence if the foundation is not formed from the very beginning, Algebra Homework can be very overwhelming for the middle school and high school students. In schools, teachers do their best to teach Algebra concepts in detail and also give algebra homework questions so that students can practice these concepts at home and get better at problem solving and calculations. 

But in this whole process one thing that remains unaddressed is your child’s ability to keep up with the school’s algebra class schedule. School teachers are unfortunately handling a number of students at once and hence can’t match their teaching style with each child’s learning style and this is where your child may start to fall behind in class and get under confident about doing algebra homework independently. 

We at TutorEye offer dedicated 24x7 Algebra homework help service for middle and high school students. Our online tutoring platform has a pool of qualified and experienced algebra tutors that can adapt their teaching style to meet your child’s need and provide detailed step by step guidance on algebra questions.

Our subject experts are trained to emphasize “how” behind every algebra homework answer so that your child can get clarity and follow the concepts easily in school.


This is what you can expect from TutorEye's Algebra Homework helpers.

All of our algebra homework help experts are highly qualified math tutors themselves. So, they know the common trouble areas for students in this subject area. Therefore, they will help your child provide the solutions and break down the solution process step-by-step. This makes it easy to understand the answers, and your child is likely to learn them forever.


Besides that, your child can get over the last moment of homework-related stress. Unfortunately, it possibly affects you and many parents like you, who are somewhat short of helping kids with assignments. With 24/7 algebra homework help, learning would transform from a stressful activity into a well-supported adventure ride.


Besides, our experts would try to work on the assignment problems and submit them before your given deadline. It is so that your child gets enough window of time to scan through the solution and learn from it. They can also ask for a revision if they aren't satisfied with the submission. 


Our homework help easily blends in with the purpose of your child to go to school - for learning! We are just a new-age platform that helps students get the essential support in the process. And all of it at the convenience of your time and without having to travel. So, it is much lighter in your pocket compared to learning with an in-person tutor. So, you pay for what your child needs help with.

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TutorEye provides 100% non-plagiarized and original work, so to connect with a trusted homework solver follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Upload files or fill out Algebra homework requirements on our quick help form

Step 2: Consider multiple proposals before hiring a tutor who agrees to your budget and submission timeline

Step 3: Release money from escrow only after duly reviewing your assignment.

We also follow a Money Refund policy as we value your trust and satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions about Algebra Homework Help

What is algebra?

Algebra is derived from an Arabic word that stands for “reunion of broken parts”. It is a branch of Mathematics and involves study of symbols and manipulating the symbols to carry out calculations. 
Here the letters stand for numbers and computations are similar to arithmetic. It helps you to do calculations and substitute values to find unknown quantities. If you have trouble grasping Algebra, then you can trust our expert to work with you and help you with the basics to reach top grades in the class.

What is linear algebra?

Linear algebra deals with vectors and indices and is concerned with linear equations. For a deep understanding of machine learning, it’s important to know linear algebra. Most often it is referred to as mathematics of data and is a large field involving theories and findings. It is central to all areas of Mathematics. 

To have a firm grasp over the fundamentals, you can get step-by-step explanations from our top professionals to have a thorough understanding of concepts.

How to do algebra?

In order to do Algebra, you must follow these steps:

  • Practice regularly
  • Review your basics
  • Follow PEDMAS ( Parentheses, Exponents, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction)
  • Remember how to use negative numbers
  • Look for ways to solve unknown letters
  • Focus on quadratic equations, inequalities and intermediate topics
  • Practice graphs with experts

To know more you can also tutor with our best professionals who strive hard to make Algebra easy for you. You can even benefit from regular practice and aim for better grades in the subject.

What is algebra used for?

Although as a studemany other aspects of our daily lives. It’s used when you arent you may feel like you are learning another language, Algebra is used in :

  • Considering pricing options
  • Trying to calculate distance 
  • Calculating profit margin
  • Robust command over Algebra help in grasping Calculus
  • Preparing monthly budget

Hence, Algebra is quite useful and you can learn it from our experienced academicians anytime, anywhere.

How to learn algebra?

The first step to learn Algebra is to practice each topic as often as you can. The more you immerse yourself in the discipline, the better it is for you. Get into the habit of finding unknown variables which you have to determine time and again. For this you must:

  • Solve questions regularly
  • Know the order of operations
  • Revise and practice daily
  • Be clear with the fundamentals
  • Seek out expert tutors when you are stumped
  • Do not procrastinate 
  • Learn formulas and identities

Therefore, to learn Algebra you must devote enough time to compute algebraic equations. However, you can take our online help to make this learning process easier as we help you upgrade your Algebra quotient.

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