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1.I have a calculation doubt. How do we calculated an x% charge on every y% breach of total z% breach. ...

E.g. 5% charge on every 10% breach of the total breach of 102%. Any short summed-up formula?
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2.Alberto ran 4/5 kilometer on Monday. On Tuesday, he runs 91/0 of the distance he ran ...

How far did he run on Tuesday? Enter your answer in the box as a fraction in simplest form.
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5.You will be assembling 4 expressions using order of operations. The trick to this project is that you’ll be ...

ou’ll be using the same 4 numbers written in the same order. The only thing that will change in each expression will be the tools you’ll use from your toolbox. The tools that you’ve learned so far for order of operations are parentheses, exponents, multiplying, dividing, adding, and subtracting. Here are the four numbers. Keep them in this order: 18 2 4 3 Here are the tools in your toolbox: The 2 and 3 represent exponents, so you are allowed to square or cube a number. Listed below are the values you need to create. 21 = 67 = -6 = 103 =
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8.An electronics dealer offers a discount of 10% on the Marked price of Electronics. He still makes a profit of ...

profit of 20%. If his gain on the sale of one electronic item is rupees 4500 find the Marked price of the electronic item.
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Precalculus is the doorway to learning the much-revered Calculus

Precalculus is your friend in the understanding of not just calculus, but also physics and chemistry. 

Concepts like the harmonic movement of a pendulum or calculating the radioactivity decay are possible with precalculus concepts.

It introduces you to topics like functions, limits and continuity, derivatives, and more. This is your preparation to calculate for quantities that are infinitely small or big.

Doing your precalculus homework regularly is essential because it helps you to get better at it. But oftentimes, the homework you get is much more difficult than the illustrations your teacher showed in class. This can pose a challenge, especially given that you may have to dabble between various subjects, extracurricular activities, etc.

A little help can go a long way in helping you understand the subject and moving ahead with gusto!


Finish Precalculus Homework faster with TutorEye

We have a team of experts who have been teaching precalculus for a long time. Thus they know the subject and all the types of questions in and out. They can help you break down the questions into simpler bits and show you how to solve a question step-by-step. All of it at the convenience of your time, and at budget-friendly rates.

You do not just complete your homework with accuracy and within time, but also learn to solve problems. As a result, you are also left with more time to study and do whatever else you want.


How to get precalculus help at TutorEye

Get help from our seasoned experts for all your precalculus questions. Follow these simple steps to hire a problem solver-


  • Step 1: Fill your homework help form and upload your worksheet problems. 
  • Step 2: Hire a Math expert to guide you through a difficult assignment by mutually agreeing to a price and submission deadline.
  • Step 3: Payment is to be released from escrow, once you are completely satisfied with the solutions submitted.

TutorEye believes in providing value. So, we provide our students with well-written assignments that are also simple to comprehend and provide you with a clear understanding of the topics.

Our tutors ensure that you do not have to worry about copyright issues with your work. That is why they answer all of the questions personally, providing you with original answers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Where can I get help with precalculus?

Precalculus homework can be tricky at times and may require some assistance. If you have friends or siblings, or even parents who can help you out with it, it can be helpful. But for all-around help from precalculus experts, you can sign up with TutorEye. They can help you solve questions and at the same time learn the subject with clarity.


Question 2: Why is pre-calculus so hard?

Precalculus may seem hard because you learn a variety of concepts in this course. Many of them are similar and have different ways of getting solved. You are introduced to higher trigonometry, algebra, and math analysis topics that may be overwhelming in their complexity as well. But with requisite precalculus help from a reliable source like TutorEye, it can become easier.


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