Surface Area Definition, Formulas & Worksheet!

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Learn everything from definition of Surface Area to formulas:


What is Surface Area?

Surface area is defined as the surface size of any object. We have different shapes with different surface areas.

What is Area?

Area is defined as the size of any object. Area is measured in square units. Some of the units of area are centimeter square, meter square, feet square, inches square, etc.

What is Lateral Surface Area?

Lateral surface area is defined as the side surface area of an object.


What are the formulas to calculate volume of common shapes around us: 


Square:- Square is a shape which has four equal sides and all the angles are right angles as shown in figure below.



The area of square is given by formula:-                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

                                                 Area =  length × length

Rectangle:-Rectangle is a shape which has four equal and opposite sides and all the angle are right angles.



The area of rectangle is given by formula:-

                    Area =  length × breadth

Triangle:-  Triangle is a shape having three sides.                                               

The area of triangle is given by the formula:

                                    Area =  12 (base × height)

Circle:- Area of circle can be given as under:-

                                           Area = πr^2


Cylinder:- The area of square is given by formula:-


                      Total Surface Area =  2πr(r+h)


                       Lateral Surface area = 2πrh


Cone:-  Area of cone is given by the formula:-                                          

                                Total Surface Area= r+h^2+r^2

                              Lateral Surface Area = rh^2+r^2


Sphere:- Area of sphere is given by:-                                                                      

                                             Area = 4πr^2



Surface Area Questions & Answers - Sample

Que 1:- What is the area of the square having sides 3m ?

Ans   Length of side of square = 3 m 

          Area of square =  length × length

                                      = 3 × 3 = 9 m^2

Que 2 :- What is the radius of the sphere having area 16 m2?

  Ans  Area of sphere = 16 m^2

           As area of sphere = 4πr^2   

                        4πr^2=  16                         ^                                                             

                        r^2= 4

                        r = 2 m

Thus, the radius of the sphere is 2m

Que 3:- What is the lateral and total surface area of the cylinder having height  4cm and radius 2 cm ?

Ans  Height of cylinder , h = 4 cm

        Radius of cylinder , r = 2 cm 

        Total surface of area =  2πr(r+h) = 2π^2 (2+4)

                                = 24πcm^2

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