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Learn everything from definition of Volume to formulas:

What is Volume?

Volume  is defined as the space occupied by 3-Dimensional objects. For example, volume of the cylinder is defined as the space occupied by the 3-Dimensional shape of the cylinder.

What are the formulas to calculate volume of common shapes around us: 

What is Volume of Cube?

Cube is the 3-D shape of the square. Volume of the cube can be given by the formula as under :-



What is Volume of Cuboid?

Cuboid is the 3-D shape of a rectangle. Volume of the cuboid is given by formula as under:-


What is Volume of Sphere?

Sphere is the 3-D shape of Circle . Volume of sphere can be given by formula as under:-




What is Volume of Cylinder?

Volume of cylinder is given by the formula as under:




What is Volume of Right Circular Cone?

Volume of Right Circular Cone can be given by formula as under :-




Volume Questions & Answers - Sample


Que 1 :- Calculate volume of a cylindrical bucket having radius 5 cm and height 2 cm.

Ans  Height of cylinder, h = 2 cm 

        Radius of cylinder, r = 5 cm 



           Volume of cylindrical bucket = 22(5) = 20 cm3

Que 2 :- What is the volume of the right circular cone of radius 8 m and height 6 m ?

Ans Height of the right circular cone, h = 6m

       Radius of the right circular cone, r = 8 m 


Thus , volume of the right circular cone = 13(8)2(6) 

                                                               =  (8)2(2)   

                                                               =  128 m^3

Que 3:- Calculate volume of basketball having radius 3 cm.

Ans        Radius of basketball = 3 cm


Volume of sphere =   4/3π(3)^3 = 4π×3×3

                                                 = 36πcm^3


Need help in understanding the world of volume and everything around it?

In the United States and Canada, typically as per school curriculum the basic geometrical concepts such as Area, Perimeter and Volume are introduced in Grade 5. This is the first time students learn fun facts about the topic of volume such as – all sides of a cube are equal and the volume is a simple cube of the length of its side.

Other than learning these fun facts, volume doesn’t  just introduce students to the three dimensional shapes but it also brings the more complex topics for middle school students such as different shapes have different volumes and the fact that there are multiple ways of measuring volume. One can measure the volume by the shape but in other cases we can use the density of the material to also calculate the volume. Also the fact that state of matter also matter as solids are just packed but liquids end up taking the share of the 3 dimensional space.

The topic of volume can easily get tricky for students and giving them the correct support and experiences with tools can be helpful. Conceptual understanding of volume and different types of shapes can help motivate students to learn & focus on the volume formulas. 

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