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Disorders of the nervous system: 


Neurological disorders arise from various deformities in the brain whether from any type of injury, environmental factors, and genetic factors. The disorders mainly affect the functioning of the brain and spinal cord.


Disorders of the nervous system Sample Questions:


Question 1: Bacterial meningitis in children?


Answer: Haemophilus influenza meningitis.

Explanation: This disease starts from the respiratory system and then blood and then enters into the meanings in the brain cause illness.



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Question 2: What is epilepsy?


Answer: Seizures lead to loss of consciousness of the brain.

Explanation: This disease has a very damaging effect on the body and the person becomes so weak.


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Question 3: The disorder leads to the loss of memory in humans due to injury in the frontal lobe.


Answer: Amnesia.

Explanation: This type of disease results in the forget of memories that are mainly related to past events.



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Question 4: What happens in the disease cerebral palsy?


Answer: The lack of oxygen in the body results in the weakening of muscles.

Explanation: The muscles become weak that a person has problems in walking and moving their hands.



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Question 5: The disease in which the communication skills of the person get affected?


Answer: Aphasia.

Explanation: The person is not able to talk properly, not able to write properly.



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Question 6: The disease where is the brain rejects half of the information received because of the abnormality in visual functioning?

Answer: Visual neglect.

Explanation: The information is only received half by the person and the person is unable to understand properly because the other half of the information is missing.



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Question 7: The disease associated with an intense form of headache is called?


Answer: Migraine. 

Explanation: The main cause of headaches is abnormal blood flow in some areas because of the deformity in blood vessels.



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Question 8: The disease associated with movements that are uncontrollable for the person?


Answer: Huntington s disease.

Explanation: In this disease, the ganglia present at the basal part of the brain are affected and mental deterioration takes place.


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Question 9: A disorder associated with numbness and tingling because of the median nerve compression?

Answer: Carpel tunnel syndrome.

Explanation: The compression of the median nerve leads to the decrease of blood flow in the hands and thus oxygen supply is also less.



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Question 10: The disease is associated with the deterioration of memory, vision, and thinking ability?


Answer: Alzheimer s disease.

Explanation: The cause of this disease is the nerves are not working properly so they fail to transmit information from the body to the brain and vice-versa.



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