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Biological evolution defined as the descent with modification, which brings about evolutionary changes at genetic and organismal level. Evolution helps to understand the history of the living world. Evolution means how life changes with time, its branches and diversified nature.


Evolution Sample Questions:


Question 1: Name of the book published by Lamarck on the theory of evolution?


1) Origin of species

2) Alfred russell

3) Philosophie zoologique

4) None of the above


Answer: 3)

Explanation: Lamarck gives his theory of use and disuse or inheritance of characteristics and he published it in this book.



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Question 2: How many species of birds are studied by Darwin at the Galapagos island?


1) 14 

2) 13 

3) 23

4) 10

Answer: 2)

Explanation: Darwin's finches are the 14 bird species, out of which 13 live in the galapagos island.



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Question 3: Which of the following is an example of vestigial structures?


1) Rudimentary eyes of cave fish
2) Pseudogenes in the genomes
3) Nictitating membrane
4) Pelvic bones in snakes
5) All of the above

Answer: 5)

Explanation: The vestigial structures are those that were important in the past but they change over time



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Question 4:  What is a handicap theory?


1) Directional selection
2) Introduces homozygosity
3) Evolved from common ancestors
4) The costly character that reduces the survival of the individual but increases sexual survival

Answer: 4)

Explanation: Given,



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Question 5: Haemophilia is a recessive trait that is x-linked. If the heterozygous woman has children with a normal man, what can be the possibility of an affected child?


1) 1/2
2) 1/4
3) 1/3
4) 1/16


Answer: 2)

Explanation: The recessive gene is only expressed in a 1/4  ratio always.



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Question 6: What is cystic fibrosis?


1) Insensitivity to red light
2) Abnormal hemoglobin molecules
3) Failure of chloride ion transport
4) Both 1 and 2

Answer: 3)

Explanation: Cystic fibrosis occurs when there is a defect in pumping mechanisms of mucous membrane



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Question 7: Uniparental inheritance is the case of which type of inheritance?


1) Only maternal inheritance
2) Only paternal inheritance
3) Maternal effect
4) Both 1 and 2


Answer: 4)

Explanation: It is the concept of extranuclear inheritance in which either maternal inheritance or paternal inheritance took place.



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Question 8: What is the condition of nullisomy?

1) 2n-1
2) 2n+1
3) 2n+2
4) 2n-2


Answer: 4)

Explanation: It is the result of aneuploidy which is the result of nondisjunction during meiosis and mitosis.



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Question 9: The methylation modification in histones identified on?


1) Lysine
2) Arginine
3) Serine
4) NLysine and arginine

Answer: 2)

Explanation: The methylation occurs on lysine and arginine then leads to a change 



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Question 10: What is dosage compensation?


1) Where x-chromosome is hyperactive
2) It is done by regulating the expression of genes on the x-chromosome in hermaphrodite
3) It is the mechanism in which the activity of x-linked genes is made equal in both sexes
4) It is studied in drosophila melanogaster


Answer: 1,2,3)

Explanation:  The dosage compensation helps in downregulating the expression of x- chromosomes



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