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The Genetics: 


The scientific study of variations, heredity and the environmental factors which are responsible for the change in the characteristic of offspring is known as genetics. The word genetics is first given by William Bateson who describes the study of inheritance and science of variation.


Genetics Sample Questions:


Question 1: How many characters are studied by Mendel?

1) 14        2) 4

3) 13        4) 7


Answer: 4)

Explanation: Mendel studied only seven


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Question 2: In which case, the phenotypic and genotypic ratio of the taken plant and species is the same.

1) Law of dominance         2) Law of segregation

3) Law of codominance     4) Law of incomplete dominance and codominance.

Answer:  4) 

Explanation: The phenotypic and genotypic ratio is the same in both these cases because there is no dominance



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Question 3: What does the term pleiotropy mean:-


(1)  The effect of a single gene on one gene.                 (2)  There is no effect of one gene on another gene.


(3)  Effect of one gene on more than one character.     (4)   Both 1 and 2.

Answer:  3)  

Explanation: Some characters are sometimes more expressive than others so they help to control more than one character.


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Question 4:  Which term about recombination is correct?

1) Recombination should not be more than 30%          2) Recombination should not be more than 50%

3) There is no limit to recombination.                            4) Recombination should be less than 1%.

Answer:  2) 

Explanation: The limit of recombination is 


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Question 5: Haemophilia is a recessive trait that is x-linked. If the heterozygous woman has children with a normal man, what can be the possibility of an affected child?

1) 1/2                2) 1/4

3) 1/3                4) 1/16


Answer:  2) 

Explanation: The recessive gene is only expressed in a 1/4  ratio


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Question 6: What is cystic fibrosis?

1) Insensitivity to red light.                     2) Abnormal hemoglobin molecules.


3) Failure of chloride ion transport.       4) Both 1 and 2.


Answer:  3) 

Explanation: Cystic fibrosis occurs when there is a defect in pumping mechanisms of mucous membrane mainly in 


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Question 7: Uniparental inheritance is the case of which type of inheritance?

1) Only maternal inheritance                     2) Only paternal inheritance

3) Maternal effect                                      4) Both 1 and 2


Answer: 4) 

Explanation: It is the concept of extranuclear inheritance in which either maternal inheritance or


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Question 8: What is the condition of nullisomy?

1) 2n-1             2) 2n+1

3) 2n+2          4) 2n-2


Answer:  4) 

Explanation: It is the result of aneuploidy which is the result of nondisjunction during meiosis


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Question 9: The methylation modification in histones identified on?

1) Lysine          2) Arginine

3) Serine          4) Lysine and arginine

Answer:  2) 

Explanation:  The methylation occurs on lysine and arginine


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Question 10: What is dosage compensation?

1) Where x-chromosome is hyperactive             2) It is done by regulating the expression of genes on the x-chromosome in hermaphrodite.

3) It is the mechanism in which the activity of x-linked genes is made equal in both sexes.            4) It is studied in drosophila melanogaster.


Answer: 1,2,3) 

Explanation:  The dosage compensation helps in downregulating the


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