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What is homeostasis?

Homeostasis is defined as the process of maintaining the balance between the external and internal environment so that things keep constant in the living systems. Homeostasis is also important in social systems as well, which means how a person under various stress conditions can maintain mental and physical health. 

Why homeostasis is important?

Homeostasis is very important because it helps to maintain the internal body temperatures despite the change in external temperatures and that optimum temperatures are needed for the proper functioning of the body enzymes to catalyze various reactions in the living systems because enzymes work at proper temperatures. 

What is homeostasis in biology?

Homeostasis in biology means the proper functioning of living parts like tissues, cells, and organs for their survival. The homeostasis also maintains the blood pressure so that all the living systems work properly like the working of hormones and cardiac systems. The blood pressure is maintained despite the environmental changes.

What is homeostasis in the human body?

Homeostasis in the human body means maintaining constant body temperatures instead of external temperatures fluctuations. The homeostasis is shown by birds and human beings who maintain their constant body temperature for the proper functioning of their body and for that they cost half of their energy. 


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