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Model organisms and development: 


The model organisms are studied to see the various phases of development. Model organisms are used for experimental proposes and also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using model organisms.


Model organisms and development Sample Questions:


Question 1: Why human embryos are not used to study development?


Answer: The observation inside the uterus is difficult. And it is ethically not correct.

Explanation: The mutations in human embryos and then study about the changes and process of development doesn’t carry out in the case of humans.



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Question 2: Name of the first model organisms that are used by T.H Morgan to study linkage.


Answer: Drosophila melanogaster.

Explanation: Drosophila melanogaster is used by T.H Morgan to study linkage because it has a short life span, is easily grown in the laboratory and all genes can be easily studied and isolated.


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Question 3: What is the model organism used for plant development study?


Answer: Arabidopsis thaliana. 

Explanation: This model plant is easy to study because it has a relatively small genome size that is sequenced and the life cycle is also short, it belongs to the mustard family and a hermaphrodite plant.


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Question 4: What is the main advantage of using frogs and chicks as model organisms to study? 


Answer: The eggs are easily available and manipulation of embryos is also very trouble-free.

Explanation: The embryos of frogs and chicks are easily manipulated and the rapid development of embryos helps in studying easily.



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Question 5: Frederick banting research dogs to treat which type of disease?


Answer: Diabetes in dogs.

Explanation: The dogs are used in research to find the treatment for diabetes and later discovery of insulin used to cure diabetes.



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Question 6: Guinea pig is used to study the effect of which type of disease?

Answer: Diphtheria toxin.

Explanation: Emil von Behring discovered diphtheria toxin and then study its effects in guinea pigs and then humans to find the antitoxin effects as diphtheria is a very deadly disease.


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Question 7: In the field of molecular biology which model organism is very frequently used?


Answer: Escherichia coli.

Explanation: The E.coli bacteria are infected by various viruses and then study the structure of the genome and the basic mechanism of the regulation of genes.



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Question 8: In eukaryotes which are widely used to study cell biology and genetics?


Answer: Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Explanation: Saccharomyces cerevisiae is called the budding yeast which has a very simple life cycle and it is easy to grow and study.



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Question 9: What is the model organism that is used by Mendel to study the law of inheritance?

Answer: Pisum sativum.

Explanation: The Mendel studied the seven pea characters to study the inheritance to their offspring and give three laws based on this called law of dominance, the law of independent assortment, the law of segregation.                                                                                                                                     



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Question 10: What is the most famous model organism for a study about mammals?


Answer: Mouse (Mus musculus).

Explanation: The mouse is very advantageous to study mammals because mice have a short life cycle which is about 10 weeks.



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