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Pathologies of the respiratory system: 


Pathologies means the disease and infections associated with the respiratory system because of viral and bacterial infections. An example is the influenza virus causes Flu ( cause fever and muscle pain) and it is contagious.


Pathologies of the respiratory system Sample Questions:


Question 1: Chickenpox is caused by which virus?


Answer: Varicella-zoster virus.

Explanation: Chickenpox affects the lungs in adults so decreasing its efficiency to take up oxygen, so there is an oxygen deficiency in blood because of this disease in humans.


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Question 2: Which virus is responsible for whooping cough?


Answer: Bordetella pertussis.

Explanation: This disease affects the respiratory system and causes serious illness in the lungs and it is a contagious disease spread from one person to another.



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Question 3: Pneumonia is a viral infection or a bacterial infection?


Answer: Bacterial infection.

Explanation: Pneumonia is caused by bacteria streptococcus pneumonia. In this disease, mucous starts depositing in the lungs and thus causes pain in the chest, fever, and problems in breathing.



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Question 4: What is Pulmonary Tuberculosis?


Answer: It is a disease called TB.

Explanation: In this disease, extensive coughing occurs and it spread from one person to another and is caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis.



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Question 5: Which bacteria is responsible for causing Q-fever.


Answer: Coxiella burnetii.

Explanation: This disease is mainly spread in European countries and it transmits from farm animals mainly sheep and cattle to humans.



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Question 6: Which chronic lung disease is caused by allergic reactions in the body?

Answer: Asthma.

Explanation: Asthma is caused by various allergic particles inhaled from outside like pollen and other particles. This causes inflammation in the lungs and asthma is caused by this.



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Question 7: Which type of fever is associated with respiratory disease?


Answer: Hay Fever.

Explanation: Hay fever is caused because of an allergy to grasses and pollen, which causes inflammation in nasal passages and is associated with asthma as well.



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Question 8: What is the reason for Acute bronchitis disease in humans?


Answer: Viral infection.

Explanation: In this disease, acute congestion occurs in bronchi, and inhalation of various types of irritant gases can worsen the situation such as ammonia and chlorine.



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Question 9: Measles is caused by which virus?

Answer: Morbillivirus.

Explanation: It is a respiratory disease and contagious in nature and causes inflammation in the nose and throat. Symptoms are fever and cough.



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Question 10: Which virus is responsible for bronchiolitis and pneumonia in children up to age 1 year and older people?


Answer: Respiratory syncytial virus ( RSV).

Explanation: This disease has the same symptoms as coronavirus such as cold, fever, and difficulty in breathing. It causes pneumonia and inflammation as well.



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