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It defines how biological processes occur inside animals, it is the broad area of life science which deals with behaviour, physical body characteristics and how animals interact with the environment.The group of cells joined to form tissues and different tissues are grouped together form functional unit called organs and organs unite to form organ system to carry all the activities in animals.


Physiology Sample Questions:


Question 1: Which of the following statements are true about hypothalamus?


1) Production of hormones

2) Control of body temperature

3) Regulation of circadian rhythms

4) All of the above


Answer: 4) 

Explanation: Hypothalamus is neuroendocrine structure and action in releasing inhibiting and releasing hormones.



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Question 2: The percentage of blood volume occupied by RBC is called?


1) Hemopoiesis

2) Hematocrit

3) Haldane effect

4) Serum

Answer: 2)

Explanation: The Hematocrit is the percentage of RBC,



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Question 3: Which of the following statements about RBC is correct?


1) RBCs live about 120 days
2) Mature RBC has no nucleus
3) RBC has a biconcave shape
4) Option 1 and 2

Answer: Option 1,2,3

Explanation: RBCs are highly specialised for oxygen transport and they definitely have no nucleus



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Question 4:  What is leukopenia?


1) High level of monocytes
2) Low level of oxygen in the blood
3) Abnormally low level of white blood cells(WBC)
4) None of the above

Answer: 3)

Explanation: WBC are mainly consist of lymphocytes



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Question 5: Which deficiency causes Megaloblastic Anemia?


1) Vitamin D
2) Vitamin A
3) Vitamin B12
4) Riboflavin


Answer: 3)

Explanation: Megaloblastic anemia is a disease in which



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Question 6: How much time does the cardiac cycle take to complete?


1) 0.7 seconds
2) 0.3 seconds
3) 0.9 seconds
4) 0.8 seconds

Answer: 4)

Explanation: The heart beats about 70 times a minute and one heartbeat lasts for about 0.8 



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Question 7: What does QRS stand for in an electrocardiogram(ECG)?


1) Atrium diastole
2) Ventricular systole
3) Contraction of ventricles
4) Resting state


Answer: 3)

Explanation: Electrocardiogram is the reading of electrical changes that occur during the cardiac



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Question 8: What is the function of aldosterone hormone in the kidney?

1) Water reabsorption
2) Calcium reabsorption
3) Release of potassium and reabsorb more sodium
4) All of the above


Answer: 3)

Explanation: The aldosterone is released from the adrenal cortex and it helps in the electrolyte



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Question 9: Which cells in the testes release the Testosterone hormone?


1) Interstitial cells
2) Tunica albuginea
3) Sertoli cells
4) Leydig cells

Answer: 4)

Explanation: The leydig cells are mainly responsible for the release of 



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Question 10: How many polar bodies are formed during the development of ova in the female reproductive system?


1) 3 polar bodies
2) 2 polar bodies
3) 5 polar bodies
4) 1 polar body


Answer: 2)

Explanation:  The polar bodies are non-functional parts and they degenerate after some time the formation of ova.



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