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Plate Tectonics: 


It is a theory related to the movement of the plates of earth result in the changes in the lithosphere. There are major landforms that are formed because of the movement of plates over one another called the tectonic plates.


Plate Tectonics Sample Questions:


Question 1: Who gives the hypothesis of continental drift?


Answer: Alfred Wegener.

Explanation: Continental drift means all the continents are once joined but they separate from each other because of the movement of the tectonic plates. 



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Question 2: What is the evidence of the continental drift?


Answer: The evidence is the matching of South- America and Africa coastline.

Explanation: The South- America and Africa are separated from one another because of the movement of tectonic plates but they are joined at some point of time together.



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Question 3: What is present in the aesthenosphere?


Answer: The aesthenosphere is the flowing part contain hot liquid in it and tectonic plates floats into it.

Explanation: It is the semiliquid layer and present in the middle mantle.



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Question 4: What driving force act in movement of Tectonic plates?


Answer: Convection current.

Explanation: Convection currents occur in mantle. Mantle is the hot lava containing layer of the earth, the water above it becomes hot and rises and cause convection current. Because hot water has less density.



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Question 5: What is the meaning of Pangaea?


Answer: When all the continents are joined.

Explanation: Pangaea is the term used when all the continents joined and becomes a single landmass but with time, they are drifted apart because of the movement of the tectonic plates.



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Question 6: What occurs when two tectonic plates slide over each other?.

Answer: Earthquake.

Explanation: Earthquake caused when two plates are suddenly slide over each other by slipping and cause breaks in the lithosphere. In this case high amount of energy is released and ground start shaking.



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Question 7: What is the Ring of fire?


Answer: Active region of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

Explanation: The ring of fire is present at the edges of the pacific oceans and also called the girdle of fire, it is the most active region where most volcanic eruptions occur and seismic movements are found.



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Question 8: What is the three types of movement shown by tectonic plates?


Answer: 1) convergent 2) divergent 3) Transform

Explanation: In the convergent movement the plates moves towards each other and in divergent the plates move opposite to each other and in transform plates move over each other.



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Question 9: What is the meaning of Topography?

Answer: Study of distribution of parts on land surfaces.

Explanation: The topography helps us to understand the activity of the tectonic plates by understanding the shapes and movement of land surfaces. The topography studied by various ways like satellite imagery and maps.                                                                                                                                    



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Question 10: What is an hotspot under the lithosphere?


Answer: Hotspot where mostly the volcanic eruptions occurs.

Explanation: Hotspot are the active part of magma where most volcanic eruptions occurs, in hotspots the volcanic eruption occurs again and again at the same place.



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