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Skin related pathology: 


Skin pathology is related to various types of diseases associated with skin, mainly the development of cancer in the skin, the skin can develop various types of cancer due to exposure to chemicals and physical agents. 


Skin related pathology Sample Questions:


Question 1: What is the name of an antibody that is associated with the inflammation of the skin?


Answer: IgE antibody.

Explanation: Whenever any foreign antigen enters the body, like pollen and various inflammatory agents that cause inflammation into the body, the IgE antibody becomes activated, and then mast cells and basophils cause inflammation. 


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Question 2: What type of cells becomes activated in ECZEMA pathogenesis?


Answer: T- cells.

Explanation: The T- cells becomes activated and lead to the formation of memory cells. when the same antigen again enters into the body, reinfection occurs and inflammation of ECZEMA occurs.


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Question 3: What is the main reason for acne in the skin?


Answer: Because of the sebaceous gland’s hyperplasia action.

Explanation: In case of acne problems, the dust and debris accumulate in the skin follicles which leads to the formation of acne.



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Question 4: What are the clinical features of psoriasis?


Answer: The color of the nails changes leading to the formation of yellow-brown color.

Explanation: Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease and causes an immunogenic response.



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Question 5: What kind of disease is lichen planus?


Answer: Disease-associated with skin and mucosa.

Explanation: This disease creates a cd8 T-cell mediated immune response and leads to hyperpigmentation in the affected area.



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Question 6: What are the various types of tumors associated with skin?

Answer: SCC, BCC, and melanoma.

Explanation: These types of tumors are mainly associated with the development of cancer in the skin.



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Question 7: What is the reason for actinic- keratosis?


Answer: Extreme exposure to sunlight.

Explanation: This is the type of carcinoma and leads to the development of tumors over time.



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Question 8: What is squamous cell carcinoma?


Answer: The tumor formed due to extreme exposure to sunlight.

Explanation: Mainly occur in older people and have a high rate in men as compared to women.


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Question 9: Which human cancer is slow-growing carcinoma?

Answer: Basal cell carcinoma.

Explanation: This type of carcinoma mainly occurs in light skin people with exposure to sunlight.



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Question 10: Mutation in which gene results in the formation of melanoma?


Answer: CDKN2A gene.

Explanation: Cancer is mainly developed by the suppressor of the tumor suppressor gene.



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