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The Basic Components Of Pathophysiology: 


It is defined as the diseases that occur because of physiological changes in the body. Such as Parkinson's disease, this disease is caused due to various physiological changes that occur in the body such as hindrance in autophagy and mitochondrial functioning.


The Basic Components Of Pathophysiology Sample Questions:


Question 1: What is the incidence proportion?


Answer: Probability of disease occurring.

Explanation: It is the measure of the disease happening by putting new cases of the disease in the numerator and the total number of individuals in the denominator.



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Question 2: What is the latent stage?


Answer: The stage where the organism is present in the body but in the inactive form.

Explanation: The virus that causes chickenpox remains in the latent stage for many years and is activated at any stage of life.



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Question 3: What is the reason for multiple sclerosis?


Answer: The immune system damages the cells of the brain and causes inflammation.

Explanation: In this disease, the immune system cells mainly cause inflammation in the central nervous system and thus the central nervous system undergoes damage and tissue degeneration



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Question 4: Describe obesity causes in the body due to genetic factors?


Answer: Due to the mutation in the leptin gene.

Explanation: The leptin gene is actually responsible for causing obesity in the body, it was discovered in mice that mutation in the leptin gene causes obesity.



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Question 5: What is the disease caused by the reabsorption of Na ions in CDN?


Answer: The disease is caused due to this chloride shunt disorder.

Explanation: Mainly the reason for this disease is an excretion of more K ions therefore more sodium gets absorbed in the CDN.



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Question 6: Describe spasmophilia disease?

Answer: It is a pathophysiological disease that is caused because of quick aggression to things.

Explanation: The disease occurs when the patient has quick plans and responses without gathering enough information.



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Question 7: What is the pathophysiology of vestibular migraine?


Answer: The root cause may be defective Calcium channels in the brain and inner ear.

Explanation: The vestibular migraine causes problems in the vestibular cortex and parietal cortex. However, it is not completely understood.



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Question 8: What is the pathophysiology of vestibular seizures?


Answer: The vestibular sensation parts are affected due to untypical electrical activity.

Explanation: Mainly brain is mainly affected in this case and vestibular sensations become abnormal and affect motor and cognitive activities. 



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Question 9: Pathophysiology of restless legs syndrome?

Answer: Caused mainly because of iron deficiency.

Explanation: The dopamine levels become low in this disease and iron deficiency as well.                                                                                                                               



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Question 10: What is the domain to which humans belong?


Answer: Eukaryota.

Explanation: Eukaryota is an advanced domain and it contains plants, animals and human beings that come in the category of Animalia and Bacteria and Archaea are different domains that are not advanced so they contain lower body organization.



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