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Trauma and injury to the nervous system: 


When the normal functioning of the brain is disrupted because of various types of injuries by hitting some objects on the brain and spinal cord. The damage can be mild, moderate, and severe.


Trauma and injury to the nervous system Sample Questions:


Question 1: When the blood clot between the dura matter it is called?


Answer: Hematoma.

Explanation: The blood starts accumulating in the dura matter and arachnoid layer. It can be because of any injury in the skin. 


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Question 2: What is called when there is not a sufficient quantity of blood in the brain?


Answer: Ischemia.

Explanation: It is the decrease of blood flow in the brain and causes various adverse effects in the brain. 



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Question 3: Is brain death is reversible?


Answer: No, it is not.

Explanation: When there is no activity is seen in the brain related to heart failure as well.



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Question 4: What is called dizziness after a brain injury?


Answer: Vertigo.

Explanation: Vertigo is mainly caused by injury in the brain and thus leads to headaches and loss of sensation. 



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Question 5: The condition that causes the problem of movement. 


Answer: Parkinson s disease.

Explanation: The muscles become rigid and lead to slow movement of the body



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Question 6: What happens in cerebrovascular diseases?

Answer: Abnormal functions of the brain because of the pathologic process in the blood vessels.

Explanation: Hemorrhage can occur in this and mainly denotes to stroke in the brain.



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Question 7: What happens in basilar skull fractures?


Answer: Bones are fractured in it which are present at the base of the brain.

Explanation: In this type of fracture air and fluid enter into the brain, which causes various types of infection.



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Question 8: What is a computed tomography scan?


Answer: It detects the deformity in the brain by the degree of x-ray absorption by the soft tissue of the barin.

Explanation: CT scan helps in the detection of edema in the brain and hemorrhage at various places.



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Question 9: What is magnetic resonance imaging?

Answer: MRI is the imaging of the different parts of the brain.

Explanation: It helps in the study of the brain as a whole so that it detects various injuries and can able to identify the diagnostic measures. 



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Question 10: What is TBI?


Answer: Traumatic brain injury.

Explanation: It is defined as when the brain is severely injured that the injury penetrates deep into the brain and leads to unsettling various functions.



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