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What is the Lewis structure for ?

Carbon being the less electronegative element in  is the central atom. There are total 16 valence electrons in a  molecule, 4 coming from C and 12 coming from two S atoms(6 from each sulphur atom). C atom forms two double bonds with two S atoms, completing its octet. Each double bond is represented by two parallel lines between C and S. Both the S atoms also have their octet completed with a double bond with C and two lone pairs each. Each lone pair is represented by a pair of solid dots. 




How many double bonds in the lewis structure of ?


Carbon atom has 4 valence electrons and it shares them with two S atoms to form a double bond with each sulphur atom. Therefore, The total number of double bonds in a  molecule is 2.




Is  linear or bent?


 molecule is sp hybridized, the Carbon atom is the central atom bonded to two sulfur atoms with the bond angle of 180 degrees. Therefore, the  molecule shows linear geometry.



What are the valence electrons in ?

There’s one carbon atom and two sulphur atoms in a  molecule. Carbon atom have 4 valence electrons and each sulphur atom has 6 valence electrons. Therefore, total valence electrons in a  molecule are-
Valence electrons of C atom = 4
Valence electrons of two S atoms = 2(6)=12
Total valence electrons in  = 4+12=16



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