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Digital Electronics: 


Digital electronics is a stream of electronics. It involves the study of devices related to digital signals. The electronic circuits study helps in various integrated circuits of digital electronic devices. 


Digital Electronics Sample Questions:


Question 1: The OR operation in boolean algebra is performed by which properties?


a) Commutative property     b) Associative property 
c) Distributive property        d) All of these 


Answer: All of these 

Explanation: OR operation follows associative, commutative and distributive property. Therefore, OR operation is performed by all the above properties. 



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Question 2: _____________ is a process where letters or words are represented by the group of symbols.


a) Encoding                b) Decoding
c) Both (a) and (b)      d) None of these 

Answer: Encoding

Explanation: In order to secure the transmission of information, letters and words are denoted by different symbols. Encoding extracts codes from the computer to process the information.


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Question 3: Which of the following represents absorption law?


a) A + BA = B             b) A + AB = A
c) AB + A = A             d) A + AA = A  

Answer: A + BA = B  

Explanation: The expression for absorption law is given by
A + AB = A(1+B) = A
A + AB = A (Since 1 + B = 1 as per 1’s property)



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Question 4: Which of the following combinations is possible to construct exclusive-OR (XOR) logic gates? 


a) OR                                     b) AND, NOT
c) AND, OR, NOT                  d) OR, NOT 

Answer: AND, OR, NOT   

Explanation: The expression for XOR : combinations is possible to construct exclusive-OR (XOR) logic gates
OR, AND, NOT are used to construct the above expression. 
In total, 2 AND gates with two inputs and 1 OR are combined to construct XOR logic gates.  


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Question 5: How many truth tables are necessary for a three-input circuit?


a) 4                  b) 8
c) 16                d) 25

Answer: 8

Explanation: For 3 input : 23=8
8 truth tables are necessary for a three-input circuit. 



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Question 6: All logic operations can be obtained by means of ____________.


a) OR and NOR                  b) OR and NOT
c) NAND and NOR             d) All of the above 

Answer: NAND and NOR   

Explanation: NOR and NAND are universal logic gates. They can be used to design all the three basic gates AND, OR and NOT. All the operations are obtained from these gates.  



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Question 7: Which of the following devices is a two stable device?


a) Latch                             b) Multivibrator
c) Monostable vibrator      d) None of these

Answer: Latch      

Explanation: Latch works on the principle of bistable multivibrators. This circuit is stable in either of two states. It changes from one state to another. 



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Question 8: ________ is used to facilitate error correction in digital communications.


a) Gray code               b) Binary code 
c) BCD code               d) ASCII code   

Answer: Gray code

Explanation: In digital communication systems such as television and cable system, gray codes are used to facilitate error correction.



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Question 9: There are __________ types of counters?


a) 2                   b) 3
c) 4                   d) 5

Answer: 3

Explanation: There are three counters types : asynchronous/synchronous, single and multi-mode, modulus counters.



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Question 10: Which of the following counters is also called an asynchronous counter?


a) Ripple counter                 b) SSI counter
c) Decade counter                d) None of these


Answer: Ripple counter  

Explanation: In an asynchronous counter, flip flop is connected to an external clock while the rest of the flip flops have their preceding flip flop output as clock to them. 


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