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Electrical Measurement: 


Electrical measurement comprises different devices, methods and mathematical expressions to evaluate electrical quantities and units. It deals in the measurement of various electrical entities such as current, voltage, resistance, capacitance etc. Properties are converted into electrical signals and waves, which are further measured and recorded using different instruments such as ammeter, voltmeter, galvanometer etc either in analog or digital form. 


Electrical Measurement Sample Questions:


Question 1: D.C bridges are used for the measurement of _________.


a) capacitance                   b) current

c) resistance                    d) voltage 


Answer: resistance  

Explanation: Resistance measurements are used



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Question 2: __________ and _________ are connected between the two ends of Wheatstone bridge.


a) Ohmmeter, galvanometer              b) Ammeter, voltmeter

c) Ammeter, galvanometer              d) Galvanometer, battery

Answer: Galvanometer, battery

Explanation: Galvanometer is connected between opposite



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Question 3: Which of the following is the correct condition for a balanced wheatstone bridge?


a)            b)

c)              d)


Explanation: The balanced condition of a wheatstone bridge is determined by the ratio of resistor R1 and R2



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Question 4: ___________ is source at very low frequency in an A.C. bridge.


a) Electromotive force                   b) Power line

c) Ammeter                                   d) Galvanometer 

Answer: Power line

Explanation: The power line acts as a source of supply 



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Question 5: High current and high voltages are measured by __________ and _________ respectively. 


a) current transformer, potential transformer              b) potential transformer, current transformer 

c) primary transformer, secondary transformer          d) none of these 


Answer: current transformer, potential transformer   

Explanation: Current transformer and potential transformer are used with A.C. ammeter and voltmeter



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Question 6: Which of the following is a correct expression for a current transformer’s turns ratio?

a)                  b)

c)                    d)


Explanation: Turn ratio for the current transformer is the ratio



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Question 7: ______________ is used to obtain a high range of electronic voltmeter in a D.C.


a) Transducer                b) Resistor

c) Attenuator                d) Transformer 


Answer: Attenuator

Explanation: Attenuator reduces the power of the signal and gets a high range of values



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Question 8: Physical changes are sensed by ____________.


a) Electrical transducer              b) Mechanical transducer 

c) Both (a) and (b)                     d) None of these 


Answer: Mechanical transducer 

Explanation: Mechanical transducer delivers physical



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Question 9: In an oscilloscope, an electron beam is deflected in _________ directions. 


a) one                   b) two

c) three                 d) four 


Answer: two

Explanation: The electron beam is deflected in two directions



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Question 10: IC chips on digital voltmeter are used to ___________.


a) reduce the cost                     b) increase the size

c) increase the resistance         d) increase the cost


Answer: reduce the cost 

Explanation: Due to its very compact nature, size and power needed in digital voltmeter



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