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Electricity and Magnetism



It is the branch of physics that deals with the study of electric charges at rest.


Electric Charges:

It is the physical property of matter that produces the effect of electricity and magnetism.



Types of Electric Charges:


Positive Electric Charge:

A body is said to have positive charge if it loses the electrons. For example, if you rub your shoe on the carpet then the carpet loses the electrons thus acquires the positive charge.


Negative Electric

Charge: A body is said to have negative electric charge if it gains electrons. For example, if you rub your shoe on the carpet then your body will gain extra electrons and it becomes negatively charged.


Properties of Electric Charges:

  • Like charges repel each other.
  • Unlike charges attract each other.
  • Charge on a body is always conserved. 
  • Quantization of Charge: The charge is always represented as an integral multiple of the fundamental unit of charge i.e. electric charge(e). 


Where, n is the integer.
e is the electronic charge.

Coulomb’s Law:

It states that the magnitude of electrostatic force of attraction between two point charges is directly proportional to the product of magnitude of two point charges and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.


Where, k is constant of proportionality.

and are two-point charges.

r is the distance between the two-point charges.




It is the fundamental form of energy that is associated with the matter of electric charges or with the stationary charges.



It is the properties and interactions of magnets.

Electricity and Magnetism are similar to each other. By using electricity, one can produce magnetism and vice-versa.


Magnets consists of two poles:

  • South Pole
  • North Pole


Properties of Magnets:

  • In magnetostatics, a single pole does not exist.
  • Like poles repel each other. It means that the North-North poles repel each-other and South-South poles also repel each other.
  • Unlike poles attract each other. It means that the South-North pole will always attract each other.
  • The Earth is also acting like a giant magnet. The nickel iron core of earth gives the earth a magnetic field much like a bar magnet.


Electricity and Magnetism  Sample Questions

Question 1: When can a body be positively charged?

Answer: A body is said to be positively charged when it loses electrons.


Question 2: A body is said to be ____________ if it gains electrons.

Answer: Negatively Charged


Question 3:  Does magnetic monopole exist?

Answer: No, a monopole pole does not exist.


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Frequently Asked Questions



Can electricity exist without magnetism?

Electricity is basically the flow of charge or electrons, And when the charge moves, it creates a magnetic field.

So, electricity can not exist without magnetism.


Is magnetism a form of energy?

Magnetism is basically a force of attraction or repulsion exerted by magnets. It is not a form of energy. But, it helps in generating electrical energy.


Can magnetism create electricity?

Magnetism can be used to create electricity. In fact, most of the electrical energy is generated by rotating a coil of wire around the special arrangement of magnets. 


Can you generate your own electricity?

Yes, we can generate our own electricity using wind turbines, solar panels, etc, and store them. In some places, people even sell electricity by generating them using turbines, solar panels.


How electricity and magnetism affect each other?

When electricity flows through a loop of wire, it creates a magnetic field around its axes. And, magnetism can be used to produce electricity. Basically, they are two aspects of the same thing and affect each other directly.


How electricity produces magnetism?

Electricity is the flow of electrons or charges. This flow of electrons causes an electric current to flow. And, due to this flow of current, each electron behaves like a tiny magnet. And, collectively these electrons create a magnetic field around the axes of the conductor.


How electricity and magnetism affect certain materials?

When the electric current flows through the soft iron, it would behave like a temporary magnet.

Soft iron will get attracted by the magnetic force.


How electricity related to magnetism?

The flow of electricity creates a magnetic field around the conductor. And, moving a coil around magnets creates electricity. They are essentially two aspects that are commonly referred to as electromagnetism.


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