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Gravitation or gravity is the force of attraction between particles separated by a definite distance.It is the universal force of attraction acting between all the bodies in the universe. The concept of gravity is a natural phenomenon between two bodies, where each body exerts force on each other. It controls the movement of bodies in the solar system and also determines its trajectories.


Gravitation Sample Questions:


Question 1: The equation of Newton’s law of gravitation is dependent on


a) Mass                  b) Gravitational constant

c) Distance            d) All of the above 


Answer: d) All of the above 



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Question 2: If the radius of earth decreases by 5%, the new value of gravitational constant G would


a) decrease by 0.5 %              b) increase by 0.5 %

c) remains constant                d) None of the above

Answer:  c) remains constant

Explanation: Universal gravitational constant 


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Question 3: Which of these is the correct expression for the SI unit of gravitational constant G ?


a)               b)

c)                d)

Answer: a)

Explanation: Force F = ma


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Question 4: Two spherical bodies of radius “r” and density “d” are in contact with each other. The gravitational force between them is proportional to


a)               b)

c)               d)

Answer: c)    

Explanation: Mass of body = Volume * Density


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Question 5: The value of acceleration due to gravity is least on


a) Poles                                   b) Equator

c) Equator and poles               d) None of the above 


Answer:  b) Equator

Explanation: Acceleration due to gravity 


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Question 6: A body of mass M is split into two masses of (m) and (M - m) What is the relation between two masses so that the force of gravitation is maximum.

a) m = M            b) m = M/3

c) m.M = 2         d) m = M/2

Answer:  d) m = M/2

Explanation:  Given,


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Question 7: The value of gravitational constant G on the planet Mars is _________ than on Earth.


a) greater            b) smaller

c) same               d) none of the above


Answer: c) same    

Explanation: Gravitational constant is an universal constant and remains constant everywhere


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Question 8: A body weighs 10kg on the surface of the earth. How much it will weigh on the planet, whose mass is 1/7 of and radius half of the earth. 


a) 20 kg         b) 10 kg

c) 30 kg         d) 50 kg


Answer: a) 20 kg

Explanation: Given,


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Question 9: The gravitational force between two identical spheres in contact with each other is proportional to  


a)         b)

c)         d)


Answer: a)

Explanation: Given,


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Question 10: Gravitational constant is experimentally determined by 


a) Galileo’s experiment              b) Pascal’s experiment

c) Newton’s  experiment            d) Cavendish experiment


Answer: d) Cavendish experiment

Explanation: Gravitational constant G 


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