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String theory: 


String theory postulates that the fundamental element of the universe is not point-like particles but one dimensional strings. In theoretical physics, It represents all the forces and matter in single mathematical modeling. String theory is the so-called theory of everything, where it substitutes  all the particles in the universe with just one element. The complete theory lacks mathematical formulations and does not describe multiple dimensions of particle physics. 


String theory Sample Questions:


Question 1: How many dimensions does string theory assume?


a) 4                    b) 10
c) 11                  d) 16


Answer: 10

Explanation: String theory requires 10 dimensions in total, including three spatial dimensions and one space dimension.  



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Question 2: String theory reconciles __________ with quantum mechanics?


a) gravity                     b) relativity
c) both (a) and (b)       d) none of these

Answer: gravity  

Explanation: Gravity is defined according to the principles of quantum mechanics in string theory. 



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Question 3: The tenth dimension in string theory describes ___________


a) Energy band that vibrates in 10th dimension generating gravity.
b) All possible paths of the universe as a collection of all lines.
c) All possible timelines for all the possible universes as a single point. 
d) Infinity

Answer: All possible timelines for all the possible universes as a single point.

Explanation: The 10th dimension is a single point that describes every possible timeline of all the universes. Superstrings vibrating in the 10th dimension create subatomic particles that make up all universes.



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Question 4: ________________ describes the relationship between two particles, bosons and fermions.


a) Strings                       b) Symmetry 
c) Supersymmetry         d) None of these


Answer: Supersymmetry    

Explanation: In string theory, the force particle (boson) has a counterpart matter particle (fermion) and vice versa. Supersymmetry relates these two quantities. 



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Question 5: Which of the following fundamental forces create the unified theory of everything?


a) Force of gravity             b) Electromagnetic force 
c) Nuclear force                 d) All of these. 


Answer: All of these. 

Explanation: String theory uses interacting strings to explain four fundamental forces of nature, force of gravity, electromagnetic force, strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force. These forces create a unified theory of everything. 



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Question 6: Which of the following scientists merged the concept of quantum mechanics with the general theory of relativity?


a) Isaac Newton               b) Albert Einstein  
c) Richard Feymann        d) Max Planck 

Answer: Albert Einstein  

Explanation:  Albert einstein attempted to merge quantum mechanics with theory of relativity 



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Question 7: Superstring theory led to a new finding which said string theory has _________ extra spatial dimensions.


a) three                     b) four
c) six                         d) seven 

Answer: seven 

Explanation: In superstring theory, it redefined the approximation equation that found string theory has seven extra spatial dimensions, not six. 



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Question 8: How many dimensions are required in the hypothetical string theory, M-theory ?


a) 10                      b) 9
c) 11                      d) 12


Answer: 11

Explanation: Hypothetical über-string theory known as M-theory requires 11 dimensions.



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Question 9: Which of the following theories is based upon unoriented open and closed strings?


a) Type 1 string theory            b) Type 2A string theory
c) Type 2B string theory         d) All of these  

Answer: Type 1 string theory

Explanation: Type 1 string theory is the only theory based upon the unoriented open and closed strings, while other theories are based upon oriented open and closed strings.




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Question 10: Type 2A string theory has _______ supersymmetries in the ten dimensional space. 


a) zero                 b) one 
c) two                  d) three 


Answer: two  

Explanation: In type 2A string theory, It has two supersymmetries in the ten dimensional space based upon oriented closed strings.



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