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1.1. How to use best fit line to calculate absolute zero. 2.Why my some data I collected doesn't support ...

pport if pressure doubles then temp should double as well. 3. What Boyles Law has to do with % range.
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4.I'm more than a little bit lost as to how I'm supposed to calculate enthalpy, do phase changes, and anything ...

anything related to Hess's Law. I have a test tomorrow, so I'm not exactly sitting pretty.
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5.I need to do a household experiment in which I need to calculate the torsion constant of a string. I ...

have a string hanging with a mass at the bottom and I need to take a video from under the setup and track the angle of twist using tracking software. How would I go about actually calculating the torsional constant.
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6.How far could i see a 2' x 2' x 2' object that is in the air? I was flying ...

and I'm trying to calculate where it could have landed, i do not need help with a homework study. Could you please help me?
View More do I answer this question? i dont understand what im supposed to and hkw to do it? 1. ABCD is ...

rectangular sheet of paper, AB 15cm and BC 12= so that the fold line goes through the corner A and the corner B ends up in the figure. Calculate the area of ​​the quadrilateral AECD and the triangle ABC. 12cm. The sheet is folded to the side of the CD, see
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8.hi, i wanted to know how do they calculate how many grams are in 1 amu, i know they say ...

of carbon has the mass of 12 grams and we know a carbon atom is 12 amu heavy so we can calcualte it, but i don't understand how do they know how much 1 mole of carbon weighs.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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