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1.How far could i see a 2' x 2' x 2' object that is in the air? I was flying ...

and I'm trying to calculate where it could have landed, i do not need help with a homework study. Could you please help me?
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2.Let's Play Ice Hockey! 9601686.png An ice hockey player uses hockey stick to apply force on a motionless puck as shown on ...

motionless puck as shown on the picture above. The net force that the stick applies on the puck is 150N and the contact lasts for 7.5 ms. The mass of the puck is 166 g. A) (1 point) Calculate the acceleration of the puck under the influence of the net force. B) (2 points) Calculate the puck's change in momentum due to the impulse applied by the hockey stick. C) (1 point) What is the velocity of the puck once it leaves the stick? Puck travels over rough ice and comes to a stop after 25 m. The force diagram below shows all forces acting on the puck during that travel. Screen Shot 2020-11-02 at 2.04.05 PM.png D) (1 point) Calculate the work done on the puck by gravitational force. E) (1 point) Calculate the work done on the puck by normal force. F) (2 points) Calculate work done by friction force on the puck. CNX_UPhysics_09_03_HockeyPuck.jpg Now stationary, the puck (red) collides with a blue puck of the mass .332 kg moving to the left with velocity of 2.5 m/s. If collision is perfectly elastic calculate: H) (2 points) Total momentum of blue+red puck system before collision? I) (1 point) What is the total momentum of blue+red puck system after collision? How do you know? J) (2 points) What is the velocity of the blue puck after collision?
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3.5 students participated in a Exam. There were 3 subjects. All numbers were stored in a two - dimensional array. Marks ...

onal array. Marks of each students : CSE115 CSE 173 CSE215 Jamal 80 70 60 Mamunul 57 76 74 Saad 67 98 87 Rana 98 87 90 Mabubur 45 97 34 1. How to create function named myTotalMark which calculate Total Obtained marks of each students, Print Total marks of each students with their name. Note: Create 2D array using marks in this function and pass same array to next function(specificStudent and specificMarks) as a parameter.So you have to call those function from myTotalMark. 2. Now create another function named specificMarks which calculate Total average marks of Three specific subjects according to teachers input(1 to 5).If teacher Enter 1 it will calculate average marks of CSE115 course.Store marks in a Array and print average marks with subject name. void specificMarks(int subject[5][3]) 3. Create another function named specificStudent which calculate Three Specific students marks according to teachers input(1 to 10).If teacher Enter 1 it will calculate the total marks of Jamal.Store marks in a Array and print three students mark with their name.Pass this array to Grade function as a parameter. void specificStudent (int student[5][3]) 4. Create another funciton named grade which Calculate grade of Three students which were obtained in specificStudent Function.Using this range: void grade(int number[ ] ) 100-200 B+ 201-300 A- 301-500 A 5. Now create main function and call only myTotalMark function to display output. please do it in #c program
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5.May I ask you to explain to me how to do this ass: Calculate the size and area of ​​the rectangle triangle ...

le triangle ABC to which is hypotenuse CD height is determined by hypotenuse snippets AD = 9cm and BD = 16cm.
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6.May I ask you to explain to me how to do this task: Calculate the size and area of ​​the rectangular triangle ...

gular triangle ABC to which is hypotenuse CD height is determined by hypotenuse snippets AD = 9cm and BD = 16cm.
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7.Your client for your project wishes to introduce a new product. The client says that s/he will introduce the ...

oduce the product only if the average response to a 5-point scale question (where 5 = Strongly Prefer) is better than 4.0. Please set up the appropriate hypothesis test and do the first three steps (use an á value of 0.05). Then, use these data: Sixty-four people answer the question. You calculate the average response to be 4.5 on a 5-point scale, and the standard deviation (Sx) is 2. How will you state the Null and Alternate Hypotheses [2 points]?
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8.Must know how to use TI 84 Plus CE calculator and be able to teach that skill without wasting time, ...

or give some complimentary/bonus time while you figure it out, or figure out how to do particular things between sessions instead of during the session Current topics: understand slope and y-intercept and be able to apply it to equations written using different letters instead of m and b or instead of y and x; parallel, perpendicular line equations; calculate slope/gradient of graphs/sides of shapes/equations; calculate midpoint; calculate distance between two points on a graph; find the equation of a line given a graph or given 2 points; learn the meanings of symbols such as R for real numbers, Z for integers' calculate area of a triangle on a graph The student is in Kazakhstan and speaks Russian and Kazakh fluently, but is intermediate in English. Please speak with her in English as much as possible, but knowing Russian or Kazakh would be a good bonus that would make you preferable to other tutors all else being about the same, though familiarity with TI calculators or the ability to figure them out is also very important.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

mathematicsalgebra Physics