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How do you change a slope intercept equation which is on a line to get a parallel line and equation


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1.Describe the parallels between cell differentiation, nutrient supply, and final cellular state for the majority of cells involved in the ...

he majority of cells involved in the epidermis, hair follicles/hair growth, and nail synthesis/nail growth. How does the structure of spongy bone support the function of the red bone marrow contained within said bone? How do bones, synovial fluid, tendons, ligaments, and articular cartilage work together to allow synovial joint movement? Please explicitly include the bone feature that allows for tendon/ligament attachment. What is the difference in function between the vertebrae and the intervertebral disks in the vertebral column? Please discuss both the connective tissue subtype for each of these features and how the composition of their extracellular matrix contributes to function Describe the extracellular matrix of bone to someone who isn't familiar with anatomy (this should be a general description of appearance/tactile nature, no specific mention of cells or function is needed) How does hair contribute to the sensory role of the integumentary system? (A short explanation is all that is needed, no in-depth description of associated structures is required for full credit) Back when he was 16, Jordan left eye orbit floor was fractured in a bizarre fencing accident, leaving a few fragments behind inside his skull. Assuming the floor was punctured from above in the maxillary bone and no additional bones were broken, where did the bone fragments end up in his skull? (This should be a particular space in the skull, not a separate bone where the fragments are embedded The skeletal and integumentary systems rely heavily on collagen for function - describe one or more features other than ligaments that involve collagen, and how you would expect function to change in someone with EDS that affected the relevant subtype of collagen
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2.Q2.BMPractice.5th Your email address ( will be recorded when you submit this form. Not you? Switch account * Required Write your FIRST name: ...

Not you? Switch account * Required Write your FIRST name: * Write your LAST name: * 1. Which best describes the difference between single cell and multicellular organisms? * 1 point a. Single-cell organisms can perform all processes in one cell, but multicellular organisms need many cells to do specialized functions together. b. Single-cell organisms need one cell to function, but multicellular organisms need lots of cells who all have the same job. c. Single-cell organisms need many cells to do specialized functions together, but multicellular organisms can perform all processes in one cell. d. Single-cell organisms need multiple cells with similar structures, but multicellular organisms need only one cell. 2. How does your brain move your arm? * 1 point a. The brain sends a message to your bones to move your arm b. The brain sends a message to your nerves to move your arm c. The lungs send a message to your muscles d. The muscles send a message to your brain 3. Which correctly explains the difference between the respiratory and circulatory system? * 1 point a. The respiratory system includes your lungs and the circulatory system includes your heart b. The respiratory system takes in oxygen and the circulatory system breaks down food c. The respiratory system takes in water and carbon dioxide, but the circulatory system does not d. The respiratory system includes the brain and the circulatory system includes to lungs 4. Which of the following is a learned behavior? * 1 point a. Dimples when you smile b. Ability to sing c. Freckles d. Hair color 5. These are all examples of: * 1 point Captionless Image a. Evaporation b. Radiation c. Transpiration d. Percipitation 6. Which of these does NOT make a new material? * 1 point a. Burning a wooden log b. Iron nail rusitng c. Ice melting d. Mysterious color change Explain why: * This is a required question 7. What would you want to put your drink it to keep it cold? * 1 point Metal (good conductor) Plastic (bad conductor) Explain why: * 8. How does the sun play a role in the water cycle? * 1 point a. Heats water and turns it into water vapor gas b. Cools gas to make water droplets and clouds c. Creates strong winds d. Causing it to rain 9. What will happen when a metal chair is left outside in the hot sun? * 1 point a. Increase in weight b. Decrease in weight c. Increase in size d. Decrease in size 10. What would the weight of the lemonade be if the water is 3.0 grams, the ice is 2.5 grams, and the mixture is 0.25 grams? * 1 point a. 5.75 g b. 5 g c. 6.25 g d. 10.1 g
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4.Let's Play Ice Hockey! 9601686.png An ice hockey player uses hockey stick to apply force on a motionless puck as shown on ...

motionless puck as shown on the picture above. The net force that the stick applies on the puck is 150N and the contact lasts for 7.5 ms. The mass of the puck is 166 g. A) (1 point) Calculate the acceleration of the puck under the influence of the net force. B) (2 points) Calculate the puck's change in momentum due to the impulse applied by the hockey stick. C) (1 point) What is the velocity of the puck once it leaves the stick? Puck travels over rough ice and comes to a stop after 25 m. The force diagram below shows all forces acting on the puck during that travel. Screen Shot 2020-11-02 at 2.04.05 PM.png D) (1 point) Calculate the work done on the puck by gravitational force. E) (1 point) Calculate the work done on the puck by normal force. F) (2 points) Calculate work done by friction force on the puck. CNX_UPhysics_09_03_HockeyPuck.jpg Now stationary, the puck (red) collides with a blue puck of the mass .332 kg moving to the left with velocity of 2.5 m/s. If collision is perfectly elastic calculate: H) (2 points) Total momentum of blue+red puck system before collision? I) (1 point) What is the total momentum of blue+red puck system after collision? How do you know? J) (2 points) What is the velocity of the blue puck after collision?
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5. 2. A polythene rod becomes negatively charged when rubbed with a duster. It is then brought near some uncharged ...

some uncharged pieces of paper. a. Draw the charges formed on the polythene strip and the duster. b. What do you observe when the rod is brought near some uncharged pieces of paper? Explain. it observe the paper c. How would the observation in (b) change if the rod is made of metal instead of polythene. Explain. ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________
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6. What does Epicurus say are the ingredients for happiness? To what extent have you stocked your pantry with these ingredients? ...

s? To what extent have you stocked your pantry with these ingredients? Do you think you could lead an Epicuran life? If the ingredients are so simple, why aren’t more of us happy? Be sure to root your responses in the video. question:-2 Table 2b Genetics and Lessons from the Happiest Man 53 53 unread replies. 53 53 replies. Can Happiness Be Genetic? AND Life Lessons From the World's Happiest Man (links are located in Activities & Readings) Some things to think about . . . According to recent research, what causes happiness? To what extent is your current state of happiness related to genetics, your temperament/personality, and your circumstances? Did any of the common misconceptions surprise you? Can we change how happy we are? How might your college education change how happy you are?
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8.I am working with English and need help answering some Jane Eyre questions. Only chapters 28-35 and 36-38. Chapters 28-35 Did any ...

36-38. Chapters 28-35 Did any events in Chapters 28-35 seem unrealistic, or improbable, to you? Explain. What happens to Jane on the way to Marsh End? What does Jane’s reaction to the news reveal about her? How does St. John help Jane? What news does he bring to Jane? What does Jane’s reaction to the news reveal about her? Why does St. John ask Jane to come to India with him as his wife? How does she answer him? What do you think Jane means when she says, “If I join St. John, I abandon half myself?” Jane comes close to changing her mind about marrying St. John. Why? What does her response to Rochester’s voice suggest about her values and feelings? What conflicts seem to be troubling her? What kinds of images does Bronte use to describe St. John? Give two examples. Why are these images appropriate? Chapters 36-38S Did you find the ending of the novel satisfying? Why or why not? What shock does Jane receive when she returns to Thornfield? What does she learn about its inhabitants? How does Rochester say he felt in Jane’s absence? What spiritual change has occurred in Rochester? Do Jane and Rochester still feel the same way about each other? Explain. In what way have the roles in Jane and Rochester’s relationship reversed? Is the situation at the end ironic?
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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