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How do you draw the following pentandiol and bromo dichloro ethyl iodo nonane


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1.Directions: You are part of a fireworks crew assembling a local fireworks display. There are two parts to the fireworks platforms: ...

rts to the fireworks platforms: one part is on the ground and the other part is on top of a building. You are going to graph all of your results on one coordinate plane. Make sure to label each graph with its equation. Use the following equations to assist with this assignment. • The function for objects dropped from a height where t is the time in seconds, h is the height in feet at time it t, and 0 h is the initial height is 2 0 ht t h ( ) 16 =− + . • The function for objects that are launched where t is the time in seconds, h is the height in feet at time t, 0 h is the initial height, and 0 v is the initial velocity in feet per second is 2 0 0 ht t vt h ( ) 16 =− + + . Select the link below to access centimeter grid paper for your portfolio. Centimeter Grid Paper Task 1 First, conduct some research to help you with later portions of this portfolio assessment. • Find a local building and estimate its height. How tall do you think the building is? • Use the Internet to find some initial velocities for different types of fireworks. What are some of the initial velocities that you found? Task 2 Respond to the following items. 1. While setting up a fireworks display, you have a tool at the top of the building and need to drop it to a coworker below. a. How long will it take the tool to fall to the ground? (Hint: use the first equation that you were given above, 2 0 ht t h ( ) 16 =− + . For the building’s height, use the height of the building that you estimated in Task 1.) b. Draw a graph that represents the path of this tool falling to the ground. Be sure to label your axes with a title and a scale. Your graph should show the height of the tool, h, after t seconds have passed. Label this line “Tool”.
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2.How would you approach this question? I got it wrong. I have to get a molecule that has a cyclohexane ...

exane ring with 2 substitutions, exactly 2 chiral centers and 3 units of unsaturation. then I have to pick one chiral stereoisomer from it, and circle chiral centers of it and assign (R/S) and how work for priority. then I have to do a chair flip of this stereoisomer, draw both conformers of the cyclohexane ring and show the more stable conformer between the two.
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3. 2. A polythene rod becomes negatively charged when rubbed with a duster. It is then brought near some uncharged ...

some uncharged pieces of paper. a. Draw the charges formed on the polythene strip and the duster. b. What do you observe when the rod is brought near some uncharged pieces of paper? Explain. it observe the paper c. How would the observation in (b) change if the rod is made of metal instead of polythene. Explain. ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________
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4.Twenty students are asked to select an integer between 1 and 10. Eight choose either 4, 5 or 6. a If ...

f the students make their choices independently and each is as likely to pick one integer as any other, what is the probability that 8 or more will select 4,5 or 6? b Having observed eight students who selected 4, 5, or 6, what conclusion do you draw based on your answer to part (a)?A missile protection system consists of n radar sets operating independently, each with a probability of .9 of detecting a missile entering a zone that is covered by all of the units. a If n = 5 and a missile enters the zone, what is the probability that exactly four sets detect the missile? At least one set? b How large must n be if we require that the probability of detecting a missile that enters the zone be .999?
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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