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How far away is an interface in tissue if the elapsed time for the sound wave to travel out and


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1.Mr. Mavro used his winnings from the street math contest to charter a flight to the Mexican border. He ...

He was on a flight path towards his destination that is 423 km away. To avoid a storm in the path of the plane, the pilot must travel at an angle of away from the destination for a distance of 327 km. The pilot then turns back towards his destination. How far does the plane need to travel in total to reach the destination?
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2.An object is launched from the ground and flies in a parabolic path across a field. If the object reaches ...

aches its highest point of 20 feet above a point 60 feet away from you, how far away from you will the object land? What's the equation the objects height? I know the first part, but I dont know what the equation would be not given initial velocity.
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3.Napoleon’s cannon, having a muzzle velocity of 328 m/s, is fired at a 0 degree angle off a cliff. The ...

The ball lands 601 m away from the cannon. How far above ground level is the cannon?
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4.Lieutenant Wharf, of mass 90.2 kg, is outside the space shuttlecraft Enigma trying to repair a broken warp engine nacelle. ...

n warp engine nacelle. He finds he has drifted away from the shuttle while carelessly daydreaming. Miraculously, a stray photon torpedo casing (mass 2,220 kg) appears. Wharf uses this casing to get back to the shuttle by pushing against the casing. If the casing moves directly away from the shuttle after this push with a speed 0.2 m/s, and it then takes him 4 seconds to reach the shuttle again, how far away was he from the shuttle, in m?
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5.The intensity of light​ (in foot-candles) varies inversely as the square of​ x, the distance in feet from the light ...

feet from the light source. The intensity of light 2 feet from the source is 54 ​foot-candles. How far away is the source if the intensity of light is 6 ​foot-candles?
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