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1.How many emissions are possible when hydrogen atom spectra in excites state return to lower energy state for spectral lines ...

tate for spectral lines when a hydrogen atoms electron in the n=4 quantum level of a Bohr atom drops to the ground state n=1
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3.Mary Poppins said a spoonful of sugar (1 tsp) makes the medicine go down. Marilyn Monroe said diamonds are ...

nds are a girl’s best friend. So in other words, diamonds and sugar make everything better. What is the common denominator? Carbon! Carbon, under pressure for a long time, makes diamonds. Sugar is a carbon chain. So carbon is good! The Questions How many spoonfuls of sugar C12H22O11 will it take, under pressure for a very very long time, to create another Hope Diamond (45.52 carats)? How many moles of sugar is this? How many molecules of sugar is this? How many atoms of carbon is this? How many atoms of carbon make the medicine go down? Important Information A carat is equivalent to exactly 200 mg Sugar has a density of 1.59 g/cm3 A diamond is made entirely of carbon
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4.1) A hypothetical element exists as two isotopes: I = 42.00 amu and II = 49.00 amu. If the percent ...

bundance of isotope I is (1.94x10^1)%, what would be the calculated atomic mass (in amu)? 2) A hypothetical element exists as two isotopes: I = 78.00 amu and II = 84.00 amu. If the atomic mass of this element is found to be 80.33 amu, which isotope must be more abundant? 3) If the hypothetical polyatomic ion ThOM2- is called "thomite", what would be the formula and name of the acid formed by this ion? 4) How many atoms of hydrogen are there in a sample of (4.00x10^2) grams of NH3(g)? 5) How many O (oxygen) atoms are there in (6.40x10^2) grams of H3PO4? 6) How many moles of fluorine atoms are there in (5.80x10^2) grams of SF4? 7) When 3.50 g of titanium (Ti) reacts with oxygen, the resulting oxide compound weighs 5.84 g. What is the empirical formula of this oxide? 8) How many moles of molecules are there in (6.70x10^2) grams of CH4? 9) A chemical is found to be 80.0% C and the rest is H. If the molar mass of this chemical is known to be 90.2 g/mol, what is the molecular formula?
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SWER TO EACH QUESTION ON THE APPROPRIATE LINE ON THE ANSWER SHEET. FOR OTHER QUESTIONS, CLEARLY WRITE THE ANSWER, INCLUDING UNITS WHEN NECESSARY, ON THE ANSWER SHEET. SHOW ALL WORK ON A SEPARATE SHEET OF PAPER. HAND IN ASSIGNMENT, ANSWER SHEET, AND SCRAP WORK. 1. How many valence electrons are expected for an element that is in group 15/5A of the periodic table? A. two B. three C. five D. eight E. ten 2. Which of the following pairs of bonded atoms would be expected to have the longest bond length? A. C  N B. C  S C. C  B D. C  Fsdfasdfas
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