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3.Suppose a Probability and Statistics class has 9 juniors and 13 seniors. Suppose you want to pick 7 members of the ...

members of the class to be in a video you’re making, but at least 2 must be seniors. How many different ways are there to choose the students?
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4.I need help with my English essay that is discussing how effective communication can be portrayed in different ways using ...

different ways using 2 speeches we analyzed in class and one of our choice. Here is my introduction: What is effective communication? To most people, effective communication is merely just exchanging information, but in order for communication to be effective, it must reach a deeper level of understanding from both sides. Effective communication must be both understood by the audience and conveyed clearly by the speaker. The audience has to be able to understand a person’s emotions and intentions behind their perspective of the topic. Although there are many ways for a person to achieve the skill of effective communication, the process of epitomizing one’s point of view is not always the easiest task to master. After analyzing various speeches, it is evident that effective communication is most clearly displayed through the speaker’s ability to know the audience as well as establishing themselves as an erudite on the topic in order to alter the opinions of the audience.
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5.Megan Lozano is planning a long-awaited driving tour, which will take her and her family through three different states. Megan ...

ee different states. Megan is interested in seeing 13 monuments, 3 of which are in the first state, 4 of which are in the second state, and 6 of which are in the third state. However, she only has time to see 3 of them. In how many ways could the monuments chosen include sites in fewer than all three states?
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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