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1.In a simple reaction A ↔ A*, a molecule is interconvertible between two forms that differ in standard free energy ...

ard free energy G° by 18 kJ/mole, with A* having the higher G°. Use the table below to find how many more molecules will be in state A* compared with state A at equilibrium. If an enzyme lowered the activation energy of the reaction by 11.7 kJ/mole, how would the ratio of A to A* change? Table: RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE STANDARD FREE- ENERGY CHANGE, ∆G°, AND THE EQUILIBRIUM CONSTANT Hint: ∆G° represents the free-energy difference under standard conditions (where all components are present at a concentration of 1 mole/litter). From this table, we see that if there is a favourable free-energy change of –17.8 kJ/mole for the transition Y→ X, there will be 1000 times more molecules of X than of Y at equilibrium (K = 1000).
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3.Mary Poppins said a spoonful of sugar (1 tsp) makes the medicine go down. Marilyn Monroe said diamonds are ...

nds are a girl’s best friend. So in other words, diamonds and sugar make everything better. What is the common denominator? Carbon! Carbon, under pressure for a long time, makes diamonds. Sugar is a carbon chain. So carbon is good! The Questions How many spoonfuls of sugar C12H22O11 will it take, under pressure for a very very long time, to create another Hope Diamond (45.52 carats)? How many moles of sugar is this? How many molecules of sugar is this? How many atoms of carbon is this? How many atoms of carbon make the medicine go down? Important Information A carat is equivalent to exactly 200 mg Sugar has a density of 1.59 g/cm3 A diamond is made entirely of carbon
View More many moleuces are in a single cell in a human brain how many molecules are in a single cell in ...

human nervous system how many molecules are in a single in a human body
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5.I need help with this question. While training for the Beijing Olympics, swimmer Michael Phelps estimated he consumed 12, 000 ...

estimated he consumed 12, 000 kcal/day. Given that the formation of one ATP molecule from ADP and inorganic phosphate, requires 7.3 kcal/mole and that aerobic respiration is only 34% efficient, how many ATP molecules did Michael Phelps produce each day? Reminder: There are 6.022 x 10^23 molecules/mole.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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