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1.When 24 mol of methanol and 15 mol of oxygen combine in the combustion reaction 2 CH3OH1l2 + 3 O21g2 ¡ ...

2 ¡ 2 CO21g2+4 H2O1g2, what is the excess reactant and how many moles of it remains at the end of the reaction?
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2.2.00 moles of nitrogen and 5.00 moles of hydrogen are placed in a container and react to form ammonia, how ...

a, how many grams of ammonia (NH3) are formed? Assume the reaction yield is 100% N2 (g) + 3 H2 (g) --> 2 NH3 (g)
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4.(a) A 20.0 L container at 303 K holds a mixture of two gases with a total pressure of 5.00 ...

here are 2.00 mol of Gas A in the mixture, how many moles of Gas B are present? (R = 0.0821 L • atm/(K • mol)) (b) The gas in a 250. mL piston experiences a change in pressure from 1.00 atm to 2.80 atm. What is the new volume (in mL) assuming the moles of gas and temperature are held constant? (c) Small quantities of Oxygen can be produced by the decomposition of mercury(II) oxide as shown below. Typically, the oxygen gas is bubbled through water for collection and becomes saturated with water vapor. Atomic weight of HgO = 216.6 amu, Atomic weight of Oxygen = 32.00 amu) 2 HgO(s) → 2 Hg(ℓ) + O₂(g) (i) Assuming that 3.05 grams of HgO was used in this reaction, determine the number of moles of oxygen gas formed.(According to the above chemical equation) (ii) Assuming 310. 0 mL of Oxygen gas was collected at at 29°C, calculate the pressure of the Oxygen gas that was collected. (R = 0.0821 L • atm/(K • mol) (iii) If the vapor pressure of water at this temperature equals to 0.042 atm, calculate the pressure reading of this experiment.
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5.Mary Poppins said a spoonful of sugar (1 tsp) makes the medicine go down. Marilyn Monroe said diamonds are ...

nds are a girl’s best friend. So in other words, diamonds and sugar make everything better. What is the common denominator? Carbon! Carbon, under pressure for a long time, makes diamonds. Sugar is a carbon chain. So carbon is good! The Questions How many spoonfuls of sugar C12H22O11 will it take, under pressure for a very very long time, to create another Hope Diamond (45.52 carats)? How many moles of sugar is this? How many molecules of sugar is this? How many atoms of carbon is this? How many atoms of carbon make the medicine go down? Important Information A carat is equivalent to exactly 200 mg Sugar has a density of 1.59 g/cm3 A diamond is made entirely of carbon
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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