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2.Develop a brief snapshot that you could give to a colleague traveling to these countries outlining the key cultural differences ...

he key cultural differences and similarities between Australia and Japan. In what ways might these differences reduce message clarity in the exchange between the visitors and their hosts? Using the AIA model of interpersonal communication from chapter 5, explore the communication behaviors between the Australian visitors and their Japanese hosts. What special role did Takeshi play in these dynamics? Based on your assessment of this case, what were the primary clashes in cultures, customs, and expectations between the two groups? While hierarchy was clearly evident among the Japanese executives, it was not among the Australians. How do you think the Japanese made sense out of this? Explain. What cultural assumptions, if any, did each side make about the other in their approach to communicating? Were these assumptions accurate? What can you learn about any culturally mediated cognition (or information processing) involved in this case (see chapter 5)? What can you learn about the use—or lack of use—of communication protocols in this case (see chapter 5)? Women are not allowed in many of the more important dining and drinking establishments because of restrictive customs and traditions. Many of these are ‘members only.’ In view of this, how can women break into these inner circles where critical business decisions are often made? How could Robert and Luke have better prepared themselves for their visit to Japan? What lessons does this case offer for global managers visiting a foreign country? What lessons does this case offer for host managers?
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3.Suppose a Probability and Statistics class has 9 juniors and 13 seniors. Suppose you want to pick 7 members of the ...

members of the class to be in a video you’re making, but at least 2 must be seniors. How many different ways are there to choose the students?
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5.The meeting of the Student Scientific Society was attended by 52 students: with 13 students each from 4 faculties. In ...

m 4 faculties. In how many ways can four people be elected to the presidium of a meeting so that it includes students from 3 faculties?
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6.1.A group of penguins has 10 emperor penguins and 7 adelie penguins. How many ways are there to form a ...

a penguin aquarium with 6 penguins such that there are only at most 3 emperor penguins? 2. A gold pen,2 red pens, and 9 black pens are to be distributed among Alicia,Alice,Alma, and Aurora. A "Wonderful Set" is a set of pens that contains a gold ball pen but not a red pen. How many distinct ways can the pens be distributed among the girls such that one of the girls receives a Wonderful set and that she receives strictly the fewest pens?Assume pens of the same color are indistinguishable. 3.AMS is producing a set of commemorative license plates. Each license plate contains 5 characters from the string "AMS2020". How many license plates can be made? 4 Eight students including Take,Taki,Taka are to be arranged to sit at a circular table.How many ways can this be done if Taki and Take must sit diametrically opposite to each other,and that Taka must not sit beside Taki?
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7.I need help with my English essay that is discussing how effective communication can be portrayed in different ways using ...

different ways using 2 speeches we analyzed in class and one of our choice. Here is my introduction: What is effective communication? To most people, effective communication is merely just exchanging information, but in order for communication to be effective, it must reach a deeper level of understanding from both sides. Effective communication must be both understood by the audience and conveyed clearly by the speaker. The audience has to be able to understand a person’s emotions and intentions behind their perspective of the topic. Although there are many ways for a person to achieve the skill of effective communication, the process of epitomizing one’s point of view is not always the easiest task to master. After analyzing various speeches, it is evident that effective communication is most clearly displayed through the speaker’s ability to know the audience as well as establishing themselves as an erudite on the topic in order to alter the opinions of the audience.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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