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1.Pre Calculas 11: Rational Expressions 1. A Jet plane travels 2 times the speed of a commercial airplane, The distance between ...

lane, The distance between Vancouver and Regina is 1739km. If the flight from Vancouver to Regina on a commercial airplane takes 140 minutes longer than a jet plane, what is the time of a commercial plane ride of this route. 2. A man goes fishing in a river and and wants to know how long it will take him to get 10km upstream to his favourite fishing location. The speed of the current is 3km/h and it takes his boat twice as long to go 3km upstream as is does to go 4km downstream. How long will it take his boat to get to his fishing spot?
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2.I have a doubt on how to do a close reading essay. "Please provide a close reading of Thomas Wyatt's ...

'My Galley Charged with Forgetfulness' paying attention to how the poet uses the sonnet form." This is the assesment. I´ve been told that i need a thseis statement, and also sources supporting my points but i don't know what points to write. Please see attached the essay scheme wanted.
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3.I don't know how to do this question Write an equation for each of the following functions with the given characteristics ...

given characteristics then describe the functions as a transformation of the basic trigonometric type. amptitude=5 period=120 deg equation of axsis= y=2 phase shift 30 left type sine
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6.This first part of the Individual Research Project is an Outline and Annotated Bibliography. The Outline should provide a very brief ...

tline should provide a very brief overview of what you think you will do in the Policy Brief. The Annotated Bibliography requires you to summarize at least three peer-reviewed scholarly sources you will cite in the Policy Brief. This assignment is designed to get you thinking about your topic in a way that clearly anticipates the writing you will do for the Policy Brief. We want you to brainstorm and do a bit of research well in advance of the deadline for the Policy Brief and, most importantly, we want you to put your ideas down on paper so that we can give you feedback before writing the actual Policy Brief. In other words, we are asking you to submit an Outline and Annotated Bibliography so that we can help you write the best Policy Brief possible. Your Outline should be divided into the following five sections and should be written in complete sentences: I. Audience: Identify the audience you are addressing and consider what that audience is interested in. Who are you talking to in the Policy Brief and what does this suggest about the approach you should take? (75-100 words). II. Problem: State how you know the issue exists. What is the proof that students need to improve this skill? (125-150 words). III. Importance of Problem: Indicate why this problem matters. What are the consequences of the problem not being addressed? Why do students need to improve this skill? (100 words) IV. Solution: Identify your preferred solution. What solution will work in your context and why? (75-100 words) V. Alternative Solution: Identify at least one other possible solution. What other solutions did you consider? (75-100 words) The total length of the Outline should be between 450 and 550 words. When you submit your Outline, you must also include an Annotated Bibliography. An Annotated Bibliography is an alphabetical list of research sources that provides bibliographical data (the title, author, date, publisher, etc.) and a short summary or annotation of the source. Your Annotated Bibliography should contain a minimum of three scholarly or peer-reviewed sources, each with an accompanying annotation that is between 150 and 250 words long. The annotations must summarize the research question or thesis, research methodology, results, and conclusion. Annotations must include summaries and paraphrased information, NOT quotations. A good annotation will include two separate paragraphs: 1) a paragraph summarizing the research question or thesis, research methodology, results and conclusion; and 2) a paragraph commenting on why this source is relevant for your research.
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8.How is the answer .25 mol of Oxygen? I understand that Al is the Limiting Reagent and that 2.5 mol ...

f Al2O3 is produced, but then how is .25 mol of Oxygen left over? I know that with ratios the answer probably makes sense, I'm just missing that one step because I don't know what to multiply with what.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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