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How to prove the end behavior numerically


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2.I need helping solving 7e on this problem set using lagrange error bound to prove that 3.14 is a valid ...

id approximation of pi to two decimal places. in the previous parts of the problem, we found the taylor polynomial for arctanx, so I was wondering how we can use that information to prove that 3.14=pi
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5.In set theory, how to prove the union operations can be defined in terms of operations of complement ie, A union ...

ie, A union B is equal to A complement intersection B complement the whole complement.
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6.geometry; parallel line proofs if youre trying to prove that 2 lines are parallel you can't use corresponding angles as a ...

orresponding angles as a reason? why not, and what can you use? how am i suppose to know how many steps to have? whats the difference if i have "m" (measure) before the angle and if i dont have it before the angle? ex. m<4 congruent to m<2 <4 congruent to <2
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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