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1.I am completing research for my thesis to determine if mindfulness has any effect on fruit and vegetable intake. Using ...

able intake. Using SPSS I performed a chi-square test of independence between level of mindfulness (low or high) and fruit/vegetable intake (low or high). The p-value I obtained was very high, noting that my data was not statistically significant. Should I continue to analyze my data with ANOVA tests and multivariate regression if my chi-square results are insignificant?
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2.I'm having issues with the instructions and I need help on completing a chart/standard curve when I enter the numbers ...

enter the numbers on Excel I am not coming out with a straight line I'm doing something wrong
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3.Hi! I need help in solving a mathematical pattern problem. I am a teacher, and I am chagrined to admit ...

it that I am in the weeds with these. I can solve it up to completing the table. It's finding the rule that is a pain.
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4.Hi there! I am currently enrolled in an organic chemistry class and need some help completing our final project. I honestly ...

final project. I honestly do not understand a lot of the material that has been gone over in class and need help finding the answers and understanding the answers to the final project. The project has to do with explaining the molecule Retinol (vitamin A) in a lab write-up format. I will attach the rubric for more information on what is required. For my project I mainly need help in the section asking to describe the structure of the molecule. I believe i was able to identify the functional groups, the IUPAC name, and hybridization of the carbons. I need help identifying dipoles, intermolecular forces, stereochemistry, and acidity of the molecule. All of this is for the molecule Retinol
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5.I am currently working on my final draft for my 4 1/2 page paper that is due at 5pm. I ...

draft. It is on two articles and how one supports the theory of another. I really need help in completing this essay
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6.Hello! I am one academic English credit short of completing my high school education. I am taking this course online ...

g this course online so there is no teacher present. Although I do not use these as excuses against myself, I am diagnosed with ADD and CAPS, which makes it difficult for me to learn without a receiving a little help from someone. I have two assignments due every Tuesday evening until June 13th of this year. I would just need some assistance with understanding my assignment criteria and perhaps ways to help focus on key components. Thank you for taking the time to read this, Janie.
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7.I am working with a geometry problem and I need some help completing it and interpreting the picture. I'm not ...

. I'm not sure where the "outside path" is. I have some numbers down but they are just guesses.
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8.I have a I am working with a geometry problem and I need some help completing it and interpreting the ...

e picture. I'm not sure where the "outside path" is. I have some numbers down but about this geometry problem but they are just guesses and I'd rather have someone check it.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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