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I am currently taking taking sociology of religion and need some assistance with this question what does it mean to


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1.I am currently taking taking sociology of religion and need some assistance with this question, What does it mean to ...

does it mean to say: "America is a denominational society"? More specifically, what kinds of things support the accuracy of this statement, and similarly, what challenge it?
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2.Hi I am currently writing a story for my ELA class and wanted to know if this was an example ...

onification: As I woke up for school on Monday, having no idea how to get onto any of my classes, I felt panic seep into my brain, slowly taking control and vanquishing any of the calmness I had left inside of me. Basically I tried to personify the panic, but I'm not sure if it sounds like personification.
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3.Hi, I currently live in Japan and am 14 hours ahead of East Coast time, I am looking for a ...

t tutor over possibly the next 3-4 months as I work through Calculus I & II. My availability would be best for someone able to help on Friday & Saturday late afternoons/evenings as this will be early Saturday & Sunday morning respectively my time. I'm looking for someone fluent and very understandable in English who can thoroughly explain concepts through audio and visuals. I have a very reliable audio/video setup on my end. I'm already a decent math student, but I am taking these classes online as part of a CompSci degree and an in-depth understanding of the concepts and manipulation techniques is very important to me. Thanks! -chance
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