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I am given the following scenario the process of interference is assumed to be responsible for much of forgetfulness in human


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1.I have a question about putting together a y=mx+b equation. I am given the slope of 6, and it says ...

he line passes through the point of (-1, 5). How do I find the y-intercept?
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2."Breanna, you need to re-think and re-write this essay. Go back and review the assignment sheet as well as the ...

ell as the grading rubric. From there, you need to create an outline to help you organize your thoughts and ideas. You have your themes and elements, but you don't have a clear thesis - how do those elements reveal the themes to you as the reader {think of the reader-response literary criticism}. Outlining will also prevent you from repeating yourself and re-telling the stories. " That was the feedback that I was given for my paper. If I am being honest, I have no clue how to proceed with it.
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4.I would like some help with Business Statistics (eg: topics such as sampling, hypothesis testing, t tests, probability distributions, regression/correlation ...

tests, probability distributions, regression/correlation and categorical data analysis will all be covered) We are going to be given a variety of questions. I am having doubt in computing the correct numbers on excel. Eg: I'll be 1-2 decimal places behind. I am attaching a formula sheet.
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5.I was told to do an investigation for my school where I found that the cost and energy used of ...

ances can vary between brands. I am given a follow-up question to answer which I am stuck on. The question is , " What are the implications of your findings for social or economic issues in Ontario?" Could you hello me answer this question?
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7.I am given the following scenario: The process of interference is assumed to be responsible for much of forgetfulness in human ...

uch of forgetfulness in human memory. The processing of new information interferes with old memories. One demonstration of interference examines the process of forgetting while subjects are asleep versus while they are awake. Because there should be less interference during sleep, there also should be less forgetting. The following data are from an experiment examining six groups of participants. All participants were given a group of words to remember. Then half of the participants went to sleep, and the others stayed awake (factor A). Within both the asleep and awake groups, one third of the participants were tested after 2 hours, one third after 4 hours, and one third after 8 hours (factor B). The experimenter recorded the number of words correctly recalled. We were given a bunch of SPSS post hoc output tables (attached). We need to draw conclusions (APA statements) from the post hoc and simple effects. I do not understand what information I am looking for.
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