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I am not able to understand my subtopic of the group research report the topic is the role of


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1.So I have an AP stats semester exam coming up, and I'm not really that confident in my knowledge of ...

the subject up to this point. Our teacher is good, but I am not able to distinguish "what is what", and "this is what this means"
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6.Hi there! I am currently enrolled in an organic chemistry class and need some help completing our final project. I honestly ...

final project. I honestly do not understand a lot of the material that has been gone over in class and need help finding the answers and understanding the answers to the final project. The project has to do with explaining the molecule Retinol (vitamin A) in a lab write-up format. I will attach the rubric for more information on what is required. For my project I mainly need help in the section asking to describe the structure of the molecule. I believe i was able to identify the functional groups, the IUPAC name, and hybridization of the carbons. I need help identifying dipoles, intermolecular forces, stereochemistry, and acidity of the molecule. All of this is for the molecule Retinol
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7.I am trying to do the rest of this proof, but I seem to be stuck. I do not know ...

e 1 in the statement I have right now to be able to use the class definition for big O.
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8.I am not able to understand my subtopic of the group research report. The topic is "the role of ...

ial networking in business communication" I have attached the document and I need help with the introduction and the overall flow of my topic.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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