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I am on my last four problems and can t seem to get any of them right


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1.I was looking at my notes on protein structure and I am trying to understand quaternary structures for proteins. I ...

or proteins. I understand that primary, secondary, and tertiary structures are encoded by one gene each. However, I am not entirely sure if quaternary structures are encoded by one or multiple different genes. The reasons why I am a little confused is for two reasons. Firstly, quaternary structures are made up of more than one protein subunit (i.e. multiple polypeptides). Secondly, as I understand, Hemoglobin, for example, has different subunits, each of which is encoded by a different gene. Does this necessarily mean that all quaternary structures are composed of proteins encoded from different, separate genes? If quaternary subunits are encoded by different, separate genes, can those different genes be located on different loci, or are all of the subunits necessarily encoded by the different gene but its mRNA molecule is spliced differently?
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2.I need help revising my physics project. I conducted an experiment on a DC motor and am writing on how ...

ow it connects to amperes, faradays, and magnetic dipoles and need help with proofreading and correcting what I have so far.
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5.I am having a problem running GUI program on eclipse IDE, and I added JARs to eclipse but ...

ll having issues. Please help me walk through this problem in order for me to run my program.
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8.I am trying to ensure that I do not plagiarize on my essay. I wrote down all the points and ...

ng ideas that I had before even looking further into research. I just began looking at my resources and see that some of the points they make are similar to my reasoning, points, and wording. I did not paraphrase these because they were all written strictly from my stance. How to differentiate my previous knowledge of the subject from plagiarizing?
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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