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I am studying for the accuplacer math test but i m not understanding fractions


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2.I have a question about ligand field strength and how the field strength of a ligand can be changed by ...

by the addition of a substituent to it, For example, I am studying a half sandwich structure where the "table" is an Cp ligand. I am comparing the structure of the complex to that of its identical version except with an additional substituent attached to the Cp ring ligand. My question is will the complexes be the same or different structure. As I know the colour of complexes is dependent on the crystal field splitting on the d orbitals and I know the greater the field strength of the ligand the greater the splitting. So will I be changing the ligand field strength of Cp (cyclopentadiene) by adding a substituent to it? if so how does that happen?
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3.Hi I am studying in my free time about redox/reduction reactions and electrolysis. Can you please help me understand how these ...

help me understand how these two work. I think they both worth by donating hydrogen ions. If a reduction reagent can be used in a reaction, can electrolysis always be substituted in its place because it works by the same mechanism? Also, what is the difference in properties of different reduction reagents. For example magnesium vs zinc, they are both electropositive elemental metals. So will they always react the same but just at different rates?
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5.I am looking for a tutor to help me with my algebra 1 homework. Specifically quadratic equations. I also have ...

also have an upcoming test on this unit on Monday I am looking to get some help studying for.
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7.I am studying for my Cal 1 Final and I am having trouble with solving a problem. I would ask ...

her for help but they are not available on the weekends and my final is this Monday, so I thought I'd try my luck out here. I've included a photo of the problem I am trying to solve. Thank you!
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8.I am studying for my Cal 1 final, and I'm having some trouble doing a problem, and my teacher is ...

available for contact on the weekends so I thought I'd try my luck here! I've included a picture of the problem I am trying to solve.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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