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I chose the topic number so do this and i showed examples on what exactly to do


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1.I Have an argumentative essay due tonight for my history class. It's already written but I'm not sure if I've ...

e if I've argued my point well enough. The topic I chose is the annexation of Hawaii. Here's my thesis: The annexation of Hawaii and its eventual incorporation into the United States was a continuation of the American legacy of colonization; driven by capitalism, it replaced the native system of governance, and diminished the native way of life. Does my paper make sense?
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2.Hello, I have to write a 10 page essay about Game of Thrones. The topic could be about anything related ...

ted to Game of Thrones. The topic I chose to write about is about a character named Vary and how his riddle defines power as an illusion. I would like help to find points for my essay.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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