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I dont know if the data i have can be calculated for stastical data to find a p value or


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1.Hi. If 2 electrodes, both made of pure silver, were used as the cathode and anode, in a solution of ...

sodium hydroxide, with 5 volts applied to the circuit to produce hydrogen and oxygen, via electrolysis, would the pure silver electrodes react with anything or be completely unreactive? Im guessing the electrodes will be unreactive, but since electricity is part of the equation, it seems possible for there to be reactions between the silver metal and maybe oxygen or something else depending on the voltage level, but to be honest, i never had a chemistry class, so i dont really know what might happen at all besides guessess i could make according to the little knowledge about all this i got here and there over the years. So here i am, in hopes of a person who does know what will occur.
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2.Hello, I have a problem calculating probability for a certain thing that happened. I'll try and make it sound like ...

it sound like a math problem. The problem : What are the chances of a 4 sided die landing on 1 twice and on 2 twice out of 4 rolls. The solution I came up with originally was (2/4) x (2/4) x (2/4) x (2/4) . Which I realized was wrong as this allowed the die to land on 1 four times in a row. So then I came up with this soultion (which i still think is wrong) (2/4) x (2/4) x (1/4) x (1/4) . So the reasoning behind this is : The first roll obviously has a 50% chance to roll on either 1 or 2. Second roll is the same. BUT, lets say both of them land on 1, and now it HAS to land on 2 the remaining two times. So my problem is with the current solution that I have is what if the die lands on 1 on the first roll, then on two for the second one. then the third roll would still have a 2/4 AKA a 50% chance of landing on either one. I'm sure the last roll is 1/4 but I just dont know if the order matters on the rolls. This has been driving me crazy the last hour. Please help if you can thanks
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3.An object is launched from the ground and flies in a parabolic path across a field. If the object reaches ...

aches its highest point of 20 feet above a point 60 feet away from you, how far away from you will the object land? What's the equation the objects height? I know the first part, but I dont know what the equation would be not given initial velocity.
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6.i dont know math that well and i need help with alot of question im jk but i actually dont ...

d and my friends are weird so yeah they might be weird on this app and sorry if they get weird
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7.this might be easy for you guys but i really need this fast! lets say you have 11 different items in ...

n a box and 2 of them is red. How many prosent chance is it that you pick a red one? i dont know if i have the right answer (see the photo below)
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8.You The problem discusess a student who builds his own suit that can fly with some power of propulsion. Given the ...

ion. Given the student weighs 374 kg and wants to travel 15 m/s second in the upward direction fighting gravity. How much power in watts would the propulsion system need to deliver? I just dont know what equations would be appropriate to use or if this problem is even solvable
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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