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2.I have a question about my homework, inorganic chemistry Based on the molecular orbital diagram of PCl3 . For each orbital, ...

f PCl3 . For each orbital, identify if the interaction is of bonding or anti-bonding character, is it of the sigma or pi type. Explain how each of the molecular orbitals are formed, indicate which atomic orbitals contribute to each molecular orbital, take into account the phases that each orbital can present. How much energy is required to ionize one mole of each chemical species?
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3.I have to describe how organisms interact in a river using knowledge of chemical bonds and capabilities of water. Basically, ...

ies of water. Basically, I have to act as if I’m floating down a River and describe what I would see.
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4. I have a dataset that I need to run statistics on. My project is comparing soil organic carbon stock accross ...

ck accross different land use types. I also want to show relationships between soil organic carbon stock and other physical and chemical soil properties, across 8 sites and 2 soil depths
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5.I have a question about the reaction of copper (II) oxide and sulfuric acid to form copper sulfate pentahydrate. ...

entahydrate. My students are varying either the mass of the copper oxide or the concentration of the sulfuric acid. They do not have an understanding of any chemistry calculations and only basic knowledge about chemical equations. They should have some knowledge of ionic equations and neutralistions reactions but I need to explain it to them in very basic terms. Without doing any calculations myself I can't explain it to them.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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