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1.I have a question about my homework, inorganic chemistry Based on the molecular orbital diagram of PCl3 . For each orbital, ...

f PCl3 . For each orbital, identify if the interaction is of bonding or anti-bonding character, is it of the sigma or pi type. Explain how each of the molecular orbitals are formed, indicate which atomic orbitals contribute to each molecular orbital, take into account the phases that each orbital can present. How much energy is required to ionize one mole of each chemical species?
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3.I have 2 minutes I despartly need help with this Chemistry question . A 68.1 gram sample of FeCO3 ...

2O was heated thoroughly in a porcelain crucible, until its weight remained constant. After heating, how many grams of the anhydrous compound remained?
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4.I have 7 minutes to solve this PROBLEM please help it is CHEMISTRY A student is running an experiment in ...

iment in which 36.6 grams of BeSO4 is needed, but the only jar of reagent in the lab is labelled beryllium sulfate tetrahydrate. How many grams of the hydrate must the student weigh out in order to get the desired amount of the anhydrous compound?
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8.Hello, teacher ! I have a question on chemistry test , can we use EDTA blood sample for liver and ...

nal function test? If yes/no what is the reason? Thank youu for helping me
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