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I have a f in math and i need to get my grade up


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2.Hi there, I don't really understand differential calculation and I will have test tomorrow, I am a stressed a bit ...

tressed a bit about it, I am wondering if you could help me? I would be really glad and thankful!! I am polish by the way so sorry about it, but here is the task: 2.81. Investigate whether there are values ​​of k, m (k, me R) parameters for which the function f is differentiated in the set R. Find f '. I attached an image also, I would be really thankful for any kind of help! Jeśli means 'If'
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6.i have no money i got a big fat F i english i got to do a TDA using ...

rece 4 heres the link!articleTab:content/
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7.I got no money its last switch and i got an F in english its a TDA on this question ...

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8.I dont understad these questions: For which value(s) of a does the curve y = x^2 + ...

ave a horizontal tangent line at x = 1 ? (Without using differentiation rules) For each statement, explain why it must be true, or use an example to show that it can be false. a)If y = f ( x ) has a horizontal tangent line at x = 1 then y = g ( x ) , where g ( x ) = f ( x − 1 ) + 1 , has a horizontal tangent line at x = 2 . b)A tangent line always has exactly one point in common with the graph of the function.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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