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4.No one leaves home and forgets about it, it’s been twenty one years since I moved away from home, Peru-Lima ...

Peru-Lima well known for Machu Picchu, and the Incas ancient civilization and of course the most delicious food I ever ate, funny to say I never been to Machu Picchu but I have plan to be there soon if God permits and there is no other virus attacking us. My first career goal when I immigrated to Connecticut was to finish high school I just had two more years left, after that was to continue my studies and become someone with a degree my parents always told that education will take me places. A Few Years later, I had a beautiful baby girl named Maylee, I wasn’t even considering school at that moment but she become my biggest motivation to continue my studies as a single mom I knew I have to earn more money and get stable job for me and for her he was everything for me and I was everything for her, and the way I I decided to join school again this time with eager to accomplish this goal. I joined Manchester community college in 2009 and went to work full time in a printing company where was the place where I discovered what I wanted to study, it was my first computer work in an office I was very excited to work in an office environment little that I know, computer always gave me problems, I always
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7.I have a problem where I'm approximating a few integrals using Simpson's rule along with Gauss Quadrature. One of the ...

ature. One of the integrals includes the function, and it's derivative within itself. The value of the derivative at the lower limit as well as the upper limit goes to zero. Based on that, why would we not be able to use Simpson's rule to approximate the integral, but be able to use Guass Quadrature. Is it due to the fact that Simpson's rule utilizes the actual endpoints while Gauss Quad. calculates the internal values?
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8.After one hour I have an online quiz in Physics it’s intro in physics so it’s just a few questions ...

ns so it’s 50 minutes then i need to upload the solution to the blackboard
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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