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4.This isn't homework but I need help solving it anyway. I have some thing I can get as a level ...

to get there you need at least three level 8's. To get one level 8, you need at least 3 level 7's. And so on and so forth until you are at level 1. The trick though is that if I have 5 of a certain level, I can make 2 of the next. If I have 8, I can make 3. How many level 1's would i need to make a level 9, using the fewest possible level 1's?
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5.I have attached my homework... my answers are in red and the questions are highlighted in yellow. Scatter Plot, ...

catter Plot, simple regression line re: the amount of tar having an effect on the amount of nicotine in cigarettes. Mainly.... the data set shows tar levels ranging from 1mg - 17mg, with an additional data point of 29..8mg - it remains on the regression line. My questions come from the 'appropriateness' questions.. My thoughts: x=0, y intercept is 0.131mg - 0 mg is below the data set so inappropriate? OR Appropriate because still plausible that a cigarette with NO tar could still have 0.131 mg of nicotine. Then...for the appropriateness of 25mg... if using the top level of the data set of 29.8mg then yes, it is appropriate as still within the parameters of the data set OR no, because 29.8mg is considered an outlier? .... I have read the book, read our notes, etc (online class) and watched videos but nothing REALLY explains what is 'appropriate or not' and the example homework from our online book, they answers were always it wasn't appropriate.
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6.I'm working on my online homework for college algebra at the moment. I'm currently just graphing problems, but I have ...

blems, but I have a current problem that I don't understand why I'm getting the opposite answer. I would really just like a bit of explanation.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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