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I have problem in volume and surface area


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1.I have problem with part probability of combined events Question ; Tehre are 17 glasses in a box and three of them ...

nd three of them are broken. Two glasses are chosen at random from the box. Calculate the probability that (1) both glasses are broken, (2) none of the glasses are broken (3) both glasses are broken or one of the glasses is broken
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2.I have a question about how to work through this problem. This problem derives from the SpringBoard Geometry book. "In this ...

Geometry book. "In this figure, [measure of angle] 3 = x+18, [measure of angle] 4 = x+15, and [measure of angle] 5 = 4x+3." In the diagram, there is also an "angle 1." Angle 1 = Angle 3.
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7.Hello guys, I confess that I absolutely suck at math. Unfortunately my boss handed me what is basically a math ...

lly a math problem I gotta solve, and I have no idea how to do it cause of lack of my math skills. I am hoping someone can help me with this or I'm screwed. Co basically I've got this table in excel, where X (row) is a width and Y is a height (column) of a wooden sauna cabin, the X;Y is the price for a sauna with said dimensions. I need to find a relationship between the size of the sauna and the price And formulate ani equation. I can't seem to find it, the price seems to grow non linearly, I can't seem to find any coeficient. Again, I suck at math, maybe solution is simple, but I just don't see it. Can anyone help me please? Table Is at this link . Thanks for any help!
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8.I have 7 minutes to solve this PROBLEM please help it is CHEMISTRY A student is running an experiment in ...

iment in which 36.6 grams of BeSO4 is needed, but the only jar of reagent in the lab is labelled beryllium sulfate tetrahydrate. How many grams of the hydrate must the student weigh out in order to get the desired amount of the anhydrous compound?
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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