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1.Hi. I have an aptitude test tomorrow at 11:30am for Ibew Local 98 (Electrical Union) and would like to know ...

to know a systematic solution to solving these types of problems that could appear on the test. I’ve never been subjected to this type of math or algebra before and it appears as though most of these types of problems are going to be on the test. Do you have any solutions or step-by-step methods on how to interpret and solve these problems? Thank you.
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4.I need help solving 2(x+3)=10. I really hope someone could help me with this. I've been struggling lately with problems ...

ately with problems like these. I need someone to solve it for me and tell me the steps so I have a better understanding.
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6.So I'm having problems with a math assignment in algebra whereas I have to use elimination for solving systems of ...

ng systems of linear equations. The assigned question is, The number of wet days in a year for one town is 47 days greater than the number for a second town. The sum of the numbers of wet days for one year in these two cities is 285. How many wet days occur in each town?
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7.i have a problem in solving problems of inverse trignometric functions and quesion is x,y,z are natural numbers such ...

natural numbers such that cot inverse x=cot inverse y=cot inverse z then the number of ordered triples (x,y,z) that satisfy equation is
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8.I have vague understanding of the communicating system of the recorded information of the accounting process. Therefore, I need help ...

process. Therefore, I need help with having a clarity for solving problems related to the most basic of concepts.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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