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I have to compare and contrast an extract from by george orwell and an extract from ta nehesi coate s


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1.- I was very sick for a while so I don't really know what I am doing * This homework ...

eation of several BST functions * We have to use Valgrind * We have to create a memory struct that provides a compare function for insertion * The above needs to contain two fields of unsigned int, representing memory address and size int memory_addr_cmp(const void* x, const void* y){ //TODO return 0; } By the instructions: "This function takes two arguments, const void* x and const void* y, you will need to cast both of them to type "memory*", and make comparisons. If x is less than y, return -1. If x is greater than y, return 1. If they are equal, return 0;" Also per the instructions, concerning the BST functions "Note, in particular, that there are two separate structus - the node struct that describes information for a single node in the tree, and a bst struct, that holds the root pointer and a function pointer to the comparison function being used for this tree. When you first create the tree, you pass in the comparison function, and this will be used for all functions that need it thereafter. Therefore, after that, you don't need to specify the comparison function to bst-level functions. The stored function pointer is then passed to the node-level functions." So then we have to create allocation and initialization functions for both the BST and one for the node. * nod_insert, BST_insert then inorder_traversal
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2.Dear sir or madam, I have my literature exam tomorrow for English class. I need to compare Zen and the art ...

d the art of motorcycle maintenance and Machines like me from Ian McEwan. Would you see any linking points? I have around ten minutes to discuss my comparison. I hope that you could help me out! Yours sincerely, Ewoud Abspoel
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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